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Publication numberUS2024145 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date17 Dec 1935
Filing date28 Apr 1931
Priority date28 Apr 1931
Publication numberUS 2024145 A, US 2024145A, US-A-2024145, US2024145 A, US2024145A
InventorsCline Max
Original AssigneeInt Paper Co
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US 2024145 A
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Patented nee, 17, 1935 mono Max Cline, Glens Falls, m 22, asslgnor o l nteh notional Paper Company, New York, N. Y. e corporation of New York No Drawing. Application April 28, 1932, Serial No. 533.518

5 Claims.- (L m ss) I The present invention relates to a, new deodorizing agent which while oi general application is particularly adopted for use in connection with sanitory napkins,

It has been proposed to apply a. deodorant in the form of a dust to sonitory nepkins but this has the disadvantage inherent in the handling of e finely powdered substance, and is liable to sift out oi the articles during storage and hendling. In the present invention these above mentioned disadvantages ore evoided while providing o deodorant which per .se is oi high eficeoy. It is e feature of my invention that the deodorant is applied in liquid form and contains e sulostnnce acting as e, binder, and preferably ot the some \time having slight hydroscopic oroperties which promote the action of the deodorant.

Theinventlon is host exemplified in the following formulae:

Water s- 9%; gallons Starch he pounds Glycerine.. 2 quarts Zinc sulphocerlsolote 2o nos hydroseopic siro oertiesa sprayed upon or otherwise incorporated in the material constituting the nspkins which may be or non-laminated type composed of finely divided wood pulp. Preferably, however, the mixture is applied by impregnating a, strip of gauze form 5 ing s middle layer of the neplrin as disclosed in the application of Harrison R. Williams, Serial No. 3544i, filed April 10, 1929.: j

I claim: i

l. A ssnitary nopkln hnvin impated 10 therein o deodorant comprising glycerine, zinc sulphocarbolete and starch.

2. A deodorant suitable es as liquid spmy comprising in on aqueous vehicle zinc sulphoearbolate as on active agent, starch as a, binder and 1 glycerinees o hydrosconlc agent.

3. A deodorant containing the following ingredients in substantially the prrtions named:

Water" Starch ,m, i pounds Glycei'ine 2 quarts Zinc sulpiiocarbolsteuue 2o pounds e. A sanitary napkin having a. control gauze layer impregnated, by eons ot a liquid vehicle, so

9%; gallons 20

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U.S. Classification424/431, 424/76.1, 604/359, 424/76.3
International ClassificationA61L15/46, A61F13/15, A61L15/16
Cooperative ClassificationA61L2300/216, A61L15/46, A61F13/8405, A61L2300/102
European ClassificationA61F13/84B, A61L15/46