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Publication numberUS20100001469 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 11/279,396
Publication date7 Jan 2010
Filing date11 Apr 2006
Priority date11 Apr 2006
Publication number11279396, 279396, US 2010/0001469 A1, US 2010/001469 A1, US 20100001469 A1, US 20100001469A1, US 2010001469 A1, US 2010001469A1, US-A1-20100001469, US-A1-2010001469, US2010/0001469A1, US2010/001469A1, US20100001469 A1, US20100001469A1, US2010001469 A1, US2010001469A1
InventorsJodine Hubbard
Original AssigneeJodine Hubbard
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Run On Sentences Card Game
US 20100001469 A1
A game utilizing a deck of playing cards. The playing cards each have a point value in the upper left and lower right corner. In the center of each card is a word. Below the word on each card is the grammar designation usually used with the word. Below the grammar designation is a definition for the word. The card game Run on Sentences is unique because it is first a card game using both individual cards with words to create sentences as well as incorporating sentence structure, grammar, and word definition to aid in the challenge and education of sentence structure. The game is also unique in that it combines entertainment and education, and can be used both in the classroom to teach sentence structure, as well as a commercial game product for family fun.
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1. A method of playing a card game, comprising the steps of:
a. Providing a dealer, at least one player, with a deck of 104 custom playing cards
b. Dealer shuffles card and deals each player six cards
c. Play begins with the player to the right of the dealer
d. Each player in turn tries to create a sentence from the words in their hand
e. If a player can not create a sentence on their turn they must get another card from the deck
f. First player to put all their cards into sentences wins the round
g. Winner at the end of each round gets an extra 50 points
h. At the end of each round, players will add up total points from the cards in their sentences, subtract total points left in their hand, dealer records the points for each player
i. When all cards from the deck are either in sentences or in the hands of the players the game ends
j. Player with the most points after all cards in the deck have been distributed is the winner.
2. The method of playing Run on Sentences according to claim 1, further includes the steps of:
k. Substituting words of similar characteristics. Players may play a word card and using the substitution rules below change the word played to create a correct and complete sentence
l. Players may substitute plural versions of any word. Points are the same as the card word
m. Players may substitute any case of a pronoun (i.e. she for her, him for he, them for they, etc.). Points are the same as the card word
n. Players may substitute future, past and present tense of a verb. Points are the same as the card word
o. Players may add prepositions such as at, by, with, from and in regard to. Zero points
p. Players may add conjunctions such as and, but, as, and because. Zero points
q. Players may add elective words at a cost of 50 points each. (i.e. to add a word not in your hand to a sentence a player must subtract 50 points for the sentence.)
r. Players use a word card for any part of speech in addition to the grammar identified on the card. (i.e. Noun, I am in love (word card being love), or use the word card love as a verb (even though identified on the card as a noun) as in “I love you.”
  • [0001]
    A card game, consisting of 104 playing cards, used to create sentences to teach students sentence structure and grammar by providing a challenging and fun game that can be used in a classroom or distributed commercially.
  • [0002]
    In the drawings:
  • [0003]
    FIG. 1 is a view of the front face of one of the cards, typical of the cards in the deck of playing cards.
  • [0004]
    Referring now to FIG. 1, the various elements of the present invention are shown and include the features as described in the Abstract. 1 b represents points associated with the word card played. 1 b represents the word associated with each card played. 1 e represents the grammar designation of the word (1 b). 1 d represents a definition of the word represented by 1 b. 1 e represents a duplication of 1 b, the point value associated with the card.
  • [0005]
    Referring now to FIG. 2, the image represents a possible sentence that a player can create if they are dealt or draw the proper cards. 2 a represents the total points (70) a player can accumulated for the sentence they create during their turn.
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