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Publication numberUS20040023735 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 10/210,532
Publication date5 Feb 2004
Filing date2 Aug 2002
Priority date2 Aug 2002
Publication number10210532, 210532, US 2004/0023735 A1, US 2004/023735 A1, US 20040023735 A1, US 20040023735A1, US 2004023735 A1, US 2004023735A1, US-A1-20040023735, US-A1-2004023735, US2004/0023735A1, US2004/023735A1, US20040023735 A1, US20040023735A1, US2004023735 A1, US2004023735A1
InventorsThaddeus Janton
Original AssigneeJanton Thaddeus S.
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Super fielder practice apparatus
US 20040023735 A1
A backboard panel encompassing a large central section, comprising of baseball bats equally spaced horizontally and parallel to each other. With a parallel rebound horizontal board directly above the central section of bats, and a second horizontal rebound parallel board directly below the central section comprising the bats.
The backboard panel is kept vertical by being supported by the rear support pipes, bolted to the rectangular male plate plug. And said rectangular male plate bolted directly to the backboard panel.
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1) A backboard panel D comprising of horizontal 4(a) bats and 4(b) bats and also 2(c) flat angle rebound boards, 1 of 4 plastic head bolts E which hold in place rectangular plate E with male plug on the back side.
2) The backboard panel as described in claim 1. Beginning with horizontal 1C, the horizontal (a) bats and (b) bats down to 2C are in a spaced relationship and parallel to each other.
3) The backboard panel D as described in claim 2 has top 1C flat rebound board, rises from the backboard panel at a 120 angle and the bottom 2C the opposite.
4) The backboard panel D as described in claim 2 has 4(a) bats along with the 4(b) bats. See section AA FIG. 1 for enlarged detail.
5) The backboard panel D as described in claim 4. The radius point of 1(a) bats are at the outside edge of the backboard panel while that of the 1(b) bats the radius point is of the radius distance to the left of 1(a) bats radius point, and approximately 2″ below. Again see enlarged detail Section AA FIG. 1.
6) The backboard panel D as described in claim 1. The rectangular plate with male plug E (see Sec BB FIG. 2) for enlarged detail. The plug being engaged in the PVC line. The plug along with the pipe having a hole through them, and kept in place by bolt F.
7) The backboard panel D as described in FIG. 6. Has FIG. 2 showing the bracing of the backboard panel. The rectangular plates holding the plastic pipe bracing in place.
  • [0001]
    A backboard panel incorporating on its surface parts that allow for the invention to be known as the all-plastic Super Fielder Practice Apparatus. Inventor reserves the right to change materials if he so chooses in the future and also the space distance between bats is open to change. The primary object of the invention is to develop quick fielding reactions for baseball players.
  • [0002]
    In the accompanying drawings are illustrated the key parts that embody the Super Fielder Practice Apparatus.
  • [0003]
    [0003]FIG. 1 is the front view elevation of the backboard panel, with combination of bats and rebound boards incorporated.
  • [0004]
    [0004]FIG. 2 is a side view showing the rectangular male plate connecting to the backboard and the supporting plastic pipe frame.
  • [0005]
    Section AA FIG. 1 is an enlarged view of backboard panel, comprising the flat rebound board, and horizontal bat 1 a, and horizontal bat 1 b. The radius point of 1 a being the edge of the backboard panel, while that of bat 1 b, the radius point is of radius distance to the left of 1 a bats radius point and approximately 2″ below.
  • [0006]
    Section BB FIG. 2. also an enlarged view of the backboard, showing the rectangular plate male plug engaging the pipe support bracing and secured in place by the plastic bolt.
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U.S. Classification473/434, 473/451, 473/435
International ClassificationA63B69/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63B69/0097, A63B2069/0011
European ClassificationA63B69/00W