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Publication numberUS1948431 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date20 Feb 1934
Filing date9 Mar 1933
Priority date26 Jul 1932
Publication numberUS 1948431 A, US 1948431A, US-A-1948431, US1948431 A, US1948431A
InventorsMair Rolph William
Original AssigneeMair Rolph William
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Mixing device
US 1948431 A
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w. M. RoLPH' MIXING DEVICE Feb. 20, 1934.

Filed Maren 9, 1933 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 W. M. ROLPH MIXING DEVICE Feb. 20, 1934.

2 Sheets-Sheet 2 I Filed March 9. 1933 Villa 8 Patented Feb. 20, 1934 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE;

Application March 9, 1933, Serial No. 660,175, and in. Great. Britain. July 26,. 1932 2 Claims,

This invention. relates to. apparatus for mixing liquids in; containers and. may advantageously beemployed; for mixing cocktails, spirits. and the like whilst; it may also be employed for mixing; any


According to the. present. invention apparatus for mixing liquids comprises a liquid container, a cap or lid therefor, the cap or lid having mounted therein a plunger device which on being forced downwardly rotates a vane or vanes dipping into the liquid to be agitated.

Preferably the, plunger member is in the form of a tube provided with means forming a sliding bearing for an Archimedean or quick pitch screw which is surrounded by a compression spring normally biasing the plunger tube to its normal or inoperative position.

Preferably also the Archimedean screw is formed on one end of a rod adapted to slide within the plunger tube, the other end of the rod terminating in the container and having fast thereon a vane or vanes for agitating the liquid, the vanes being either plain sheet metal or perforated metal or having sections cut out thereof which sections are preferably set at a slight angle to the vane proper. The rod moreover may comprise two or more sections telescoping one within the other, so that the device may be used with containers of different depths.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which Figure 1 is a part vertical section of a mixing device, Figure 2 a detail view of the vanes and Figure 3 a perspective view to a smaller scale of a modified form. Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 1 of another modified form and Figure 5 is a detail view of another form of the screw threaded rod.

Referring to Figures 1 and 2, 1 represents the liquid container which is provided with a cap or lid 2 having incorporated therein a delivery spout 3. The container and lid may both be of metal or other suitable material whilst the container itself may be of glass. The lid 2 is provided with a vent hole 2, and also centrally with 45' an aperture through which is adapted to pass a sleeve 4 the lower end of which has an inturned flange 5 providing a seat for a split washer 6 provided in a groove in a rod '7, which washer provides a thrust bearing for the rod '7 to rotate 50' in. The sleeve 4 is externally threaded at 8 to engage nuts 9 for clamping the sleeve to the lid and is also externally threaded at 10 to engage a nut 11 for securing in position a plunger tube 12. The upper end of the rod '7 is provided with an 55. Archimedean or quick pitch screw 13 adapted to engage a correspondingly threaded portion-'14. in the plunger tube 12. This latter isprovided. with a circular flange 1-5 which-actsas-anabutting surface for one end of a compression spring 16 the other end of which seats against the split washer (it 6 on the rod, 7, thespring surroundingthe'Archimedean or quick pitch screw and being so arranged as normally to bias the plunger tube 12 into its inoperative position, as shown, in Figure 1. The plunger tube is provided with an enlarged head portion, knob, disc or the like 1'7, so shaped as to fit comfortably the palm of the hand.

The lower end of the rod 7 has secured therein a vane 18 which has sections 19, 20 cut therefrom and set at an angle thereto so as to mix the liquid in the container more thoroughly on actuation of the rod 7 Around the top of the container 1 is secured a metal ring 21 provided with a plurality of ribs 22 which engage raised portions 23 on the lid 2 so '15 that this latter may readily be secured in position, a cork washer 2" or the like making a liquid tight joint.

As shown in Figure 3 the container which is made of glass is provided with graduations 24 in order to facilitate putting into the container a correct measure of liquid to be mixed.

In order to mix a cocktail the ingredients are placed in the container and the lid with the mixing deviceplaced in position and turned clockwise to draw it tight on to the cork washer on the container by engagement of the ribs 22 and raised portions 23. The enlarged head or knob 17 is then pushed down by hand against the action of the spring 16 thereby rotating the rod '7 and vane 18; on releasing the knob 17 the plunger tube 12 is returned to its normal position by means of the spring 16 and the operation is repeated until the cocktail is thoroughly mixed. The liquid is then poured from the container through the delivery spout 3, without removing any part of the device.

In the arrangement shown in Figure 4 the rod '7 is square in cross section the quick pitch thread being obtained by twisting of the rod, the plungi or tube 12 being provided internally with a similar thread which acts as a guide for the rod '7. The lower end of this rod 7 is externally threaded to receive a collar 25, through which passes a second rod 26, carrying a vane 27 which is 1G5 provided with prongs 28 for agitating the liquid on actuation of the device. This rod 26 is adapted to telescope within the rod 7 in order that the height of the vane in the container may be adjusted and for this purpose the rod 26 is screw 1.10

threaded to engage a lock nut 29. The provision of prongs 28 on the vane renders this construction particularly suitable for mixing liquids such for example as eggs, milk or cream, for culinary purposes. In the detail view shown in Figure 5 the rod 7 is circular in cross section and the plunger tube 12 (only part of which is shown) is slotted as at 30 corresponding to the screw on the rod 7 and the portion of the tube between the slots is slightly indented thereby constituting a guide for the rod 7.

In the case where both the container and the lid are of metal, the delivery spout may be incorporated in the side of the container adjacent the top thereof, instead of being situated in the lid.

What I claim is:

1. Apparatus for mixing liquids comprising in combination a liquid container, a cap or lid therefor, a tube forming a plunger device, a rod, an Archimedean or quick pitch screw on one end of said rod, means within said tube for forming a sliding bearing for said Archimedean or quick pitch screw, a second rod telescoping within the first mentioned rod, means for locking the two rods together at any desired height in the container, at least one vane on said second rod and adapted to dip into the liquid in the container and a compression spring normally biasing the plunger tube to its normal or inoperative position.

2. In apparatus for mixing liquids, the combination of a container; a cap for said container provided with a pouring spout; a stationary member forming part of said cap; a tubular plunger open at its lower end and mounted for sliding movements in said stationary member and extending through the top of the latter, the interior of said plunger having a thread portion; a rod mounted for sliding movements within said plunger and having a threaded portion adapted to cooperate with the thread portion of said plunger to effect rotation of said rod upon longitudinal movement of said plunger, said rod extending through the lower end of said stationary member and into said container below said cap, said stationary member forming a thrust bearing for said rod; a biasing spring housed within said stationary member and engaging said plunger; and a vane on the lower end of said rod adapted to dip into liquid in said container.


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