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Publication numberUS1926078 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date12 Sep 1933
Filing date3 Aug 1932
Priority date3 Aug 1932
Publication numberUS 1926078 A, US 1926078A, US-A-1926078, US1926078 A, US1926078A
InventorsRuthada Yonts
Original AssigneeH W Gossard Co
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US 1926078 A
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R. YONTS Sept. 12, 1933 I BRASS HERE Filed Aug. 5, 1932 INVENTOR RUTHADA YONTS ATTORNEY Patented Sept. 12, 1933 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE H. W. Gossard 00., of Delaware Chicago, Ill., a corporation Application August 3, 1932. Serial No. 627,30!

2 Claim;.

This invention relates to brassieres, and has for its object to provide an improved garment adaptable to various sizes without requiring so' many different patterns, and also including an improved arrangement of shoulder strapsin combination with a back strap, whereby slipping off of the shoulder straps is eliminated, and selfadjustability provided.

Inthe accompanying drawing showing the preferred form of the invention, Fig. 1 is a front view; Fig. 2 a back view; and Fig. 3 is a detail showing the back connection of the shoulder straps to the back cross strap.

1--1 represent generally triangular pieces of goods such as lace, netting or similar soft material commonly used for brassieres, connected together at the middle front by a seam 2 and provided with suitable darts or gores 3, at, to form bust pockets. As shown, the lower edges 5 are somewhat convex, and the upper edges 6 also convex but more pointed, to give the desired shape and efiect. At the sides, the sections 1 end in points which are connected by a preferably elasticback strap 7; and also by preference, one end of the strap '7 has a buttonhole 8 to button on a button 9 carried by one of the sections 1. I do not restrict myself specifically to the use of detachable fastening for the back strap .7, as the garment functions satisfactorily and can be easily slipped on and off over the shoulders with the strap 7 permanently fastened at both ends.

Mounted to slide on back strap '7 is a flat slide 10 having two vertical slots 11 to receive strap 7 and a horizontal slot 12 to slidably receive the elastic shoulder strap 13. The strap 13 slides through slot 12 and is folded over as shown to form a fiat loop, and has its ends respectively attached at the middle upper edges of the front sections 1, adjacent the upper darts 3 as shown. While in the preferable form of the invention, the back strap 7 is elastic, it may be inelastic and circumferential stretch supplied elsewhere, as by elastic connection in the front between the sections 1, or by forming the secti s 1 partly of elastic such as the back ends to wh oh the strap '1 is attached.

Although the foregoing construction is relatively simple as compared withbrassiere constructions heretofore devised, it provides several advantages in combination not heretofore so simply realized.

The slide 10 is easily positioned in the middle of the back and is sufficiently held against lateral displacement by the friction of the strap 7, especially when under the elastic tension described. Thatis, slide 10 is held against lateral displacement by the increased friction of strap 7 when said strap is stretched. The elasticity of this relatively long back strap '7 enables one size to fit several figures, especially in combination with the elastic shoulder strap 13. A further advantage is that by the sliding connection of strap 13 to the back strap 7 through the slide 10, the brassire adjusts itself to the movements of the wearer. A further advantage is that by having the pull on the shoulder straps diagonally toward the middle of the back, the shoulder straps are resiliently held on the shoulders without the common annoyance of slipping down. The sliding connection of the shoulder straps in the back permits a four-direction movement in that the shoulder straps may move either to the right or left of the center backon the back strap '7, and also the shoulder strap itself can move up or down with the movement of the shoulder of the wearer. By adjusting the length of strap 13, more or less uplift can be obtained, without excessive pressure on the shoulders, or deflecting back strap '7 upwardly too much out of a straight line. If there is a tendency to too much deflection of strap 7 when strap 13 is of proper length, strap 7 can be of heavier or stiffer elastic.

Where it is desired to wear this garment a low-cut back gown, a pull down elastic band 15 can be hooked into hole 14 of slide 10 and the lower hook connected to a garter belt or girdle,

and also by such arrangement an increased pull can be applied to shoulder strap 13 which will increase the uplift effect by reason of the elastic being both in the shoulder strap and the back strap. Thus the garment as shown serves for a sport or general wear garment, and when pulled down serves as an evening garment to be worn with a low back gown.

By the present invention, a very simple and effective garment is produced which successfully meets the exacting style requirements of the present time, aswell as quantity manufacturing requirements.

The invention claimed is:

1. A brassire comprising connected front por tions constituting bust pockets, an elastic back strap connecting the ends of said front portions, a flat horizontally slotted slide slidably mounted on said back strap and adapted to be held against lateral displacement by the friction of said back strap when under tension, and shoulder straps composed of a single strap fastened at its ends posed of a single strap fastened at its ends to the upperedges of said front portions and folded over and slidably connected at its intermediate portion through the slot in said slide to said back strap permitting said shoulder straps to adjust themselves with movements of the body, and elastic means secured to said slide and having means for connecting said elastic means to a girdle or the like to exert a downward tension on said straps nd an uplift on said bust pockets.


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