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Publication numberUS1828121 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date20 Oct 1931
Filing date29 Sep 1930
Priority date27 Aug 1930
Publication numberUS 1828121 A, US 1828121A, US-A-1828121, US1828121 A, US1828121A
InventorsAdam Auguste Edmond, Janning Rene
Original AssigneeAdam Auguste Edmond, Janning Rene
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Pocket manicure set
US 1828121 A
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Oct. 20, 1931. A. E. ADAM ET AL 2 POCKET MANICURE SET Filed Sept. 29, 1930 Fatent ecl Oct. 20, 1931 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE AUGUSTE EDMOND ADAM, F HOUILLES, AND RENE JANNING, 0F NANTES, FRANCE POCKET MANICURE SET Application filed September 29, 1930, Serial No. 485,208, and in Belgium August 27, 1930.

The present invention has for its object improvements in pocket manicure sets and particularly to the type described in Patent 1,773,770 dated August 26, 1930.

These improvements consist in making said manicure sets like cutlery and for this pur pose to mount them with springs like pocket knives. The various implements are lodged between two cheeks riveted together and having externally the one a covering in metal,

plasticmaterial, bone, ivory, horn, and so on and the other a polishing member such as chamois leather, doe skin and so on.

A casing provided between the cheeks permits of lodging the polishing stone protected by a spring actuated metal member closing the casing. v

The invention will moreover be better understood from the following description with reference to the accompanying drawings which shows:

Fig. 1, a constructional form of the manicure set shown closed in side view;

Fig. 2, the same manicure set open in front view, the upper cheek being removed;

Fig. 3, a modified construction of the manicure set closed, in side view;

Fig. 4, the said manicure set open in front view.

In a first form of construction of the manicure set according to the invention and described by way of simple example, the above manicure. set comprises (Figs. 1 and 2) two cheeks 1 and 1 between which are fixed springs 2 and 2 suitably cut out.

Between the cheeks are pivoted at one of their extremities and on riveted pins 3 the various implements necessary for manicuring the nails: scissors. 4, run] files 5, nail cleaner 6, cuticle pusher 7 and so on.

the recess 8 or on the contrary, permit-of reaching it according to the position which it is given. The part 10 is held'in its two distinct positions by the spring 2 shaped for this purpose. A beak 10a allows of readily holding part 10 to cause it to oscillate.

The cheeks 1 and 1 are furnished with'a small plate 12 of metal, ivory, bone, wood, plastlc material and so on decorated or not.

One of the plates 12 is arranged to receive a chamois leather 13 held in place bya steel wire 14 or a wire of any other appropriate metal.

Such a manicure set therefore provides in a small volume all the material necessary for attention of the hands. 4

In a more simple form of construction (Figs. 3 and 4) the manicure set only comprises scissors 15 and a blade 16 serving as nail cleaner and nail file. The said implements are held by means of pins 17 riveted between the two cheeks 18 and 18.

The two checks are each provided with a small plate 19 of metal, ivory, wood, tortoiseshell, plastic material and so on. One of the pin 22 and held in its extreme positions by a spring 23 closes the housing above referred to.

The other plate carries achamois leather 13 held in place by a metal wire 14.

It is obvious that the manicure sets above referred to by way of simple example, in no way limitative can all receive any modification in shape and detail considered useful without exceeding the scope of the invention.

What we claim is:

1. In combination with manicure pocket implements, two cheeks to .receive, pocket knife-like, said implements, means to rivet said cheeks together, means to articulate said implements within said cheeks, springs to keep said implements in their closed and opened position, a casing between the cheeks,

for the polishing stone, and a member for closing said casing.

2. In combination with manicure pocket implements, two cheeks to receive pocket knife-like the said implements, means to ensure pivoting of said implements between said cheeks, springs to maintain said implements between said cheeks in the open and in the closed position, a polishing stone within a casing provided between said cheeks, and a polishing implement on the outer side of one of the cheeks.

In witness whereof they afiix their signatures.


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International ClassificationB26B11/00
Cooperative ClassificationB26B11/001
European ClassificationB26B11/00A