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Publication numberUS1743512 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date14 Jan 1930
Filing date21 May 1926
Publication numberUS 1743512 A, US 1743512A, US-A-1743512, US1743512 A, US1743512A
InventorsMaurice Aisen
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Maurice aisen
US 1743512 A
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Jan. 14, 1930. M. AISEN TOILET AND COSMETIC PREPARATION Filed May 21, 1926 INVENTOR Maau'ceAwe/w BY (zad 5i ATTORNEY as in the case of powders and rouges Patented Jan. 14, 1930 summon mean, on NEW xonx, N. Y.


This invention relates to toilet and cosmetic preparations and processes for making the same.

v Toilet articles such as powders, rouges, 5 perfumes, and the like, have heretofore been sold in metal, glass, or cardboard containers, or like receptacles, comparatively bulky in handling and expensive. The preparations themselves have been appligd 3 means such as powder puffs or pieces of chamois, which through repeated handling become uite unsanitary in use and objectionable in many other respects.

Oneobject of this invention is to vide a toilet or beauty preparation of the character described in the form that will make same available at exceedingly reduced cost, be sanitary in use, and in a handy and 2 neat package which may embrace in one unit several kinds of toilet preparations ready for use when desired,

Other objects of the invention will be partly obvious and partly hereinafter pointed out.

I accomplish these and other objects in a general way by providing a toilet preparation in the form of a thin sheet which may be readily bound into a book or booklet form or made up into a neat roll.

In carrying out my invention, I take a thin sheet of material such as paper or cardboard, for example, and impregnate or coat it with the desired toilet preparation made u in the form of a solution or paste adapted to adhere to the surface of the sheet after the latter has been dried, the degree of adherence being such that the toilet prep; aration will readily be separated from the surface upon the usual friction applied in rubbing a cosmetic on the face or other parts of the user. To this end I employ in connection with the usual ingredients required by any standard formula for a particular preparation, as for example, toilet powder, an adherent which also serves as a binder, such for example as a solution of gum quince. The latter enables the mixture to be readily applied to the sheet and to adhere thereto in such manner that while the pro- 1926. Serial No. 110,815.

preparation will not separate itself from the sheet upon ordinary shaking or handling, it will do so upon the application of the usual amount of friction or rubbing such for example as employed in transferring a powder or rouge from a powder puff, or piece of chamois to the face. A dominant feature of the invention resides in the use of adherent substances rather than adhesive ones, as for example adherent gums, as in contradistinction to adhesive gums. he latter will cause the mixture to become so bound to or incorporated in the sheet as to make it diflicult to separate the material from the surface when the sheet is in use.

The gums I have found to give the best results for this purpose are those whose solutions will not pass through a filter paper in contrast with those whose solutions do pass a filter paper. The former are of the kind referred to herein as adherent substances, while the latter are those referred to as adhesive. Where a gum is used which by its constitution is both adherent and adhesive, it is preferably first treated so as to remove the adhesive properties by well known chemical means, such for example as the introduction of fatty substances thereinto.

In addition to the adherent substances, I preferably employ a softener such as glycerine, such substance being preferably used as will make the sheet or paper quite soft and flexible so as to give the smooth and soft effect of the soft powder puff or chamois. This softener also adds to the smoothness of the mixture, thus enabling the preparation to be applied more evenly in use.

Where the composition of a given toilet preparation has a solid as its base or principal ingredient, the mixture of the ingredients together with the adherent and softener is made up into the form of a soft and smooth paste and then applied to the sheet by hand or coating machines. The invention may, however, be applied to the provision of such toilet preparations as require a fatty or liquid substance for their principal ingredient. In the latter case the fatty or liquid ingredient is m xed with an inert powder as a carrier and the adherentimaterial. -Thus,

for example, a perfume may be provided in this sheet form by mixing the essential oil with a solid carrier in powder form and making a pasty mass with the adherent; or the invention may be carried out by dipping the paper or cardboard into'hot fatty solutions such as Vaseline or cocoa butter so they become impregnated therewith. The impregnated paper or cardboard will then retain on its surface the essential oil or other solution employed for the particular toilet reparation, and all that is necessary is to dip such impregnated paper into such solution.

Still another method which I have found to produce good results is to dip the paper or cardboard into a warm saturated solution of some neutral harmless compound and then allow the paper or cardboard to cool. Crystals thenform, upon the surface thereof to which the toilet preparation will adhere when the paper or cardboard is dipped thereinto.

Examples of the application of this invention to the production ofparticular toilet preparations will now be given. Thus, a

toilet power in sheet form may be prepared 1 as follows: The ingredients required by any well known formula for toilet powder may be mixed with the desired scent or perfume, ground very finely by hand in a mortar or mechanical grinder and then sifted. Slowly a colloidal solution of gum quince is added until the required consistency resembling that of cream is obtained. 1 To this creamy mass glycerine is added as a softener in desired quantity. The creamy solution is'then applied by hand with a brush to the paper or by mechanical coating machines, and the treated paper dried over heated cylinders.

In making a perfume paper, the desired essential oils are poured over a carrier rovided by a mixture of one part talc, onealf part zinc oxide, one-half part of magnesium carbonate and 5% glycerine or any other suitable softening material. The mass, after thorough mixing, is ground by hand or mechanically and a colloidal solution of gum quince added until a smooth paste isformed I ration consisting in ma which is then applied to the paper by hand or mechanical coating machines.

The application of this invention to other toilet preparations will be clear to anyone skilled in the art.

r The impregnated or coated paper may be cut up into-s eetsof desired size and bound in booklet, form. The booklet may either contain sheets of one kind, say for example, toilet powder,,or of several kinds-such as toilet powder, perfume, rouge andthe like,

so as to providein a neat-and handy package a variety of available cosmetics.

In the drawing, I have shown several forms 'of'packages as illustrative of articles 15 so that they may be easi Ytion t ereon bound togethel'yla a booklet 10 having a plurality of sheets 11 pre ared in accordance with 'this invention and bound together by a binding 12 and cover 13. These sheets may be scored as at y detached from the book. If desired a lip stick 16 or eyebrow pencil 17 or the like article, may be carried on the cover of thebook in a holder 18. In the form shown in Fig. 1, two such additional articles are shown. For the purpose of decreasing the bulk, they may be positioned one on the inside of one cover near the lower ortion thereof, and the other on the inside of the other cover near the upper portion thereof so that when the book is closed one is superimposed above the other ip as t;) occupy a minimum of space. (See In Fig. 4.1 have shown a form'in which the pencils 19 are secured to the cover above the sheets.

It will thus be seen that there is provided an article of manufacture in which the several objects of this invention are achieved, and which is well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use.

As various possible embodiments might be changes might be made in the embodiments aboveset forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein set forth and illustrated in the accompanying drawings is to be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limitmg sense.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters, Patent 1 1. The-method of making a toilet preparation consisting in mixing the usual ingredients with gum quince and applying the mixture to a thin flexible surface.

2. The method of making a toilet preparation consisting in mixing-the usual ingredients Y with an adherent substance and glycerine, andapplying the"mixture' to a thin surface. 1

3. The method 'of pre a'ringa toilet prepa- :up a mixture of the ingredients required'forthe preparation, dppinjg a. thin sheet into a 0 solution {capable crystals to form on the surface, and then a plying said first mentioned mixture; to t e surface to hold the means of such; q H

'4. In combination, a 'pluralit a coatin'g'of adherenttoi et-"prepara.-

for anda cosmetic 'h'olde j-;; cover. v 5. The method :of preparing in sheet. form in and;

preparation. thereto by grinding the-i edients of a toilet powder, adding a colloi a1 solution of a gum adherent thereto until a consistency resembling cream is obtained, adding a softening substance to the creamy mass, applying a coating of the resulting substance to thin paper, and dr ing the treated paper.

6. T e method of preparing toilet powder in sheet form consisting in grinding a mixture of the ingredients of a toilet tpowder, adding a colloidal solution of an adherent 1 thereto, adding a softener to the resulting mass, and applying a' thin coating of the resulting substance to thin paper. 7. The methodof preparing toilet powder in sheet form consisting in mixing the ingredients of a toilet powder with perfume, grinding the mixture very finely, slowly adding a colloidal solution of an adherent gum to the ground mixture until a consistency resembling that of cream is obtained, adding glycerine to said cream mass, applying a thincoating of the resu tin substance to a thin sheet of paper and en drying the treated paper by eat. r

8. As an article of manufacture, a book having one or more sheets, each sheet havin a coating of toilet preparation thereon, said preparation including gum uince. 3o 9. As an article of manu acture, a book havin one or moresheets, each sheet having a coating of toilet reparation thereon, said preparation inclu ing adherent substance and g1 cerine. 10. s an article of manufacture, a book I having one or more sheets, each sheet havin a coating of toilet preparation thereon, sai preparation including a gum adherent and a softening substance. p r

11. As an article of manufacture, a book having one or more sheets, each sheet having a coating of toilet preparation thereon, sai preparation including, perfume, adherent gum and glycerine. In testimony whereof I affix my s1 nature.


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