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Publication numberUS1601963 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date5 Oct 1926
Filing date9 Apr 1923
Priority date9 Apr 1923
Publication numberUS 1601963 A, US 1601963A, US-A-1601963, US1601963 A, US1601963A
InventorsArth Isidor
Original AssigneeIsidor Arth & Son
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Pistol holster
US 1601963 A
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Oct. 5 1926.


151 OR ARTH BY MM ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 5, 1926.


IS I1 Q R erie, or oeKL nn, oA rroRNrA, essrenor [IQ rs rnon ARTE & son, OF

O K N cewioetle e sere is iee ir esteem I A-'11 le We: m

BAXMQND AB H Application filed'uipril 9,

My invention relates to a pistol holster particularly applicable for use "'byjfpolic'e officers and the like.

"An'object of the invention is to provide a holster which will force the pistol handle against the body of the wearer "when the pistol is Contained thereon so that when the pistol is carried ina concealed position it will not project outwardly and thus suggest its presence.

Another object of the invention is to provide a holsteh of the character 'des ribe'd such that a pistol'ma-y be'qu'ickly aiid're'ad'ily removed the're'from ivithoiifl'tilting or displacing the holster from t he'noririal carrymg position.""""-'" "=The inv'e'ntion possesses I ther objects andfeat'i'ires" er advantage; some of which,' with the foregoing; w'ill'b'e set 'fo'rth' inthe following description 'offthe preferred foriri'of my invention which is illustratedin the drawings accompanying and forming part of the specification; It is to be understood that I do notlin'iitmyself'to" the showing in'ade by the'said drawings and description,

as'I may adopt variations of'theprefer'red form within the scope 'of my invention as set forth in the claims.

"Referring to said drawings Figure l is a View showing the holster containing a pistol an'd"supp'orte'd on the wearer.

Figure 2 is a side view of the holster and containedrevolver. Figure 3 is a top View of the holster and. contained revolver.

Figure 4 is a sectional view of the holster taken on the line of Figure 2, the pist'ol beiiigwithdrawn.

"Figure 5 is a perspective view of a spring member of the holster.

Fi ure 6 is a rear view of the holster.

' Briefly expressed thefhol'ster in the preferredembodini'ent of the invention coinprises a casing' 'having an open side and 'r'ovided 'witha springwhich is arranged to 'li'oldjthe pistol in the holster with coi muzzle r and hand e e seeps 1ie1?'. 'e9l" s e esd 19 erse 9 'i iree lwressed? Pist to fret t swee s rere lelfiel he ee 'e thebe r 1923. Serial No. 630,712.

{will I, v

rel and thereby force the butt of the pistol against the body of the wearer. Removal of the pistol from the holster may be instant'ly effectedby swinging the pistol outwardly and downwardly through the open side of the holster. An inflexible reenforcing member fixed in the casing'prevents the bending of the holster and holds the same froni'tilting' while the pistol 'is' being ins'er ted' therein or removed ther'efromi 'A "detailed description follows:

The'diolstefas illustrated" comprises a casingor'body rhember2 preferably formed ofa single strip of leather and composed of a; back section 3 and "front section 4, the leather strip being preferably doubled in forming the back strip "so as' to increase its stiffness. The body" member is left 'open'at thetop and side" 6, and [is provided at the bottom of the"section"3 with a pocket 7 in which'the muzzle of the pistol is adapted to -rest when [the "pistol is positioned in the holster. The top' of the body member is relatively low'so that when the muzzle is properly seated'in the pocket 7, the handle 8 of the pistol Will protrude above said top. Arranged on the inside of the body memher and adjacentjthe top thereof is aspring 9 'secur'edatits opposite ends. 11 and'12 to the 's'ections3' andl respectively, the end 11 being formed straight and preferably riveted in "position. The spring as awhole is shaped to "conform with'the transverse outline of anordinary revolver at the cylinder. Thus it is formed with'opposed curved portions 13 and 14 which are'adapted to engage the cylinder'when the revolver is contained in the holster. Connecting the curved portions of the spring is an offset or recessed portion '15 which is arranged to engage the frame t'opl'Z of the'revolver and thereby prevent the rotation of revolver in and respect to the spring when properly'positioned in the holsterl" Itvvill be noted by referring particularly to Figures 3and sof the drawing that an imaginary line passing substantially through the "center 0f the v spring the center of the offset 15 will ,be 'angularly disposed 'With "r esp ectto the plane ofthe ibaclt section 3. 2 hi .meeee heetlersr lt is P rof its detection from the outside when worn in a concealed position. i

Upward displacement of the'ffr'evolve'r when positioned in the holster is prevented bythe strap 16 which is attached to the top of the rear section 3 and passes over the handle of the revolver. One end 17 of the strap is adapted to be removably secured to the section by asnap 18. v

The rear strip 19 of the back section 3 is formed withslots or openings21 which enable a belt or other member. to be inserted between the strips and thereby permit the holster to be supported. When the belt or other member is properly positioned on the section, it may befixedly held in such position by means of a pair of snaps 22.

Figure 1 illustrates one mode of supporting the holster, on the wearer. As here shown it is positioned onfthe wearers breast practically underthe shoulder. In thus positioning the holster, a strap 23 issubstituted for the belt and is arranged to fit around the shoulder, a cross strap 24 passing around the body and secured to the front and rear of the strap 23 serves to hold the latter in place.

In inserting the revolver into the holster, the muzzle is slipped into the pocket, and the cylinder and top frame is pressed into the spring; the strap 16 is then fastened over the handle. To now withdraw the revolver, the operator grasps the handle, and fulcruming the revolver in the muzzle pocket he quickly swings it outwardly and downwardly through the open side of the body member, the strap 16 having been unsnapped by the outwardly movement of the revolver. It will be noted that the shape and size of the front section of the holster allows the trigger and trigger guard to be exposed thus enabling the operator to place ,his finger onthe triggerwhile removing the revolver from the holster.

As a means of insuring the rigidity of the holster at. all. :times, and furthermore for preventing the tilting of the same while the pistol is being withdrawn, :1 insert an ihfiexi ble reenforcing bar in the back sec- .tion :3. adj acent theiclosed side,

H The bar is by suitable stitching in the A soft leather covering is preferably proby the i is'tbl.

partially encircling the 'revolver cylinder and means on said spring arranged to engage the top of the revolver-frame to prevent rotation of the revolver in said spring. 2... revolver holstercomprising a body member, a' muzzle receiving pocket adjacent the bottom of said member, a spring fixed to said member having curved andrecess'ed portions formed to closely fit the revolver cylinder and frame top respectively. 3. A pistol. holster comprising .a body member, a substantially circular spring adapted to be attached at, one, end to ,the, body member and provided, with a recessed portion adapted to closely fit the opposite sides of the frame top of the revolyer said recess being so located withrespect' to 'the center of curvaturebf. the; spring that ,a line through saidcenterandfihe, center ,of-

recessv will obliquely intersect the plane of Said y m erarm-151a 1. A revolver holster compr1sing a,,body member having front ..and rear sectiens spaced from: each other and; connectedat one edge, .a, muzzle receiving pocket fixed adjacent the bottom ofone offsaid'sections, v

a spring enclosed by saidbodyand secured to said rear section, saids oringbeingpro vided with curved and recessed. portions adapted to respectively engage, the .cylin;

der and frame top ofthe revolver whereby I the revolv erwill be urged to rotateabout an axis substantially. parallel to the axisof the barrel and thereby: force and hold the butt of the revolver against the body of the wearer.

v 5 A pistol member having front and rear sectionsponnected together at one side and open at the other to allow the pistol to. be inserted thereholster comprising .body

between, said ;front sectionbeing of,such

width and form as to cause the pistol-trigger to remain-exposed when the [pistol is properly engagedrin the holster, bothjof said sections being of such height that the handle of the, pistol will protrude-.from

above the sections when'the pistol -is 1oper-- atively held therein, muzzle receiving pocket carried adjacentgthe base of o ne of said sections, ;a spring extending; practically completely, around the ,innerg side,of ,said

sections 4 and j fixedt"oi ,the -vrar section said spring bei Pr v d d w th as wed. a imed, po i n adapt dto. re pe iv rre gage he sidestarid f i I Q Stop ,of the about; an axis 's bst antialljflparallel, to ithe axis of the pistol barrel and thereby ress the butt of the pistol back over the top of pistol in said pocket and Withdrawing it the rear section, and means fixed to said from the body member through the open body member arranged at the open side side thereof. thereof to strap over the handle of the pis- In testimony whereof, I have hereunto 5 tol and prevent the pistol from moving up set my hand, at Oakland, this 9th day of Wardly in the holster, said means being re- February, 1923. leasztble by the pistol upomiulcruming the ISIDOR ARTH.

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