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Publication numberUS1455833 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date22 May 1923
Filing date13 Dec 1921
Priority date13 Dec 1921
Publication numberUS 1455833 A, US 1455833A, US-A-1455833, US1455833 A, US1455833A
InventorsDale Arthur Clemont
Original AssigneeDale Arthur Clemont
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US 1455833 A
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May 22, 1923. 1,455,833

- A. c. DALE BOAT Filed Dec. 13, 192.1 2 Sheets-$119M; 1

- I INVENTOR flwpale,

A ITOR/VEYR May 22, 1923.

A; c, DALE BOAT 2 sheets-swat 2 Filed DBC. l3 1921 A TTORAIE V8 WITNESSES Patented May .22, 1923.


Application filed December 13, 1921. Serial No. 522,100.

To all whom it may concern: v p

Be it known that I, ARTHUR O. Darn, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of New Orleans, in the parish of Orleans and State of Louisiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements n Boats, of which the following is a specificatlon.

This invention relates to boats, and more particularly to an improved propulsion and economical form, together with a novel 7 and simple propelling means in the form of an endless device arranged with a series of blades or paddles together with means for driving the same and maintaining the operative blades or paddlesat a uniform depth in the water, irrespectlve of whether the boat is riding in a rough or smooth sea. Other and further objects of my invention will become readily apparent to persons skilled in the art, from a consideration of the following description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein- Figure 1 is a side elevation of my improved boat and propulsion means there- Figure 2 is a front elevation.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional elevation of the endless propeller device and showing one of the paddles or blades, and

Figure 4 is a plan View of the structure shown in Figure 3 completed.

Referring to the drawings, in detail, in which like reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, my improved boat is shown as comprising a duplex hull 10 comprising boat shaped pontoons or hull structures 11 of the usualtapered or pointed bow portions 12 and the stern portions 13. The bottom portions of the hull are provided with spaced keels 14 medially of the members 11 which are joined to complete the hull 10, thus providing an intermediate air space 15 at the bottom designed to lessen the draft and facilitate keeping the boat upright as well as to permit the same to weather a rough sea and ride the same properly. The bottom portions of the memhers 11 and the hull 10 are also provided with partitions or floor lines 16 producing air tight compartments or bilges 17 between the same and the bottom portion of the hull to further lessen the draft owing to the bouyant action thereof.

The boat may be used as a model for the construction of large sized steamers or small boats, as it is thought will be obvious and within the realm of the invention and the scope of the device to be hereinafter more fully described and claimed. However, as

illustrated, the stern of the boat at each hull element is shown equipped with a rudder 18 arranged below the water line 19, being completely submerged to facilitate steering or guidance of the craft. suitable means may be arranged operating the rudders from within the hull so as to swing the same on their pivots or posts 20 in a manner well known in the art. At the bow, the same may be covered, as indicated at 21 and a suitable top 22 may be arranged over the open portion of the boat or hull 1n connectlon with closed panels of glass or other like material indicated at 23 located at the sides or entirely surrounding the same, including the front or bow and the back or stern portions. The steering wheel 24 having connection with the rudders 18 is preferably arranged centrally of the forward portion of the cabin at the bow, as is also a motor 25 which is disposed in the rear thereof so as to balance the boat and make the weight even on either side.

The propulsion means which is suitably operatlvely connected to the motor 25 to be driven thereby consists of a pair of transverseshafts 26 arranged horizontally at the bow and stern and journaled through the sides of the hull so that the ends thereof pro ect. On these projecting ends I have arranged sprocket wheels or toothed disks,

27 the teeth of which are designated at 28. An endless propeller is engaged around the aligned pairs of sprocket wheels at opposite sides of the boat or hull and each endless propeller consists of pivotally joined links of equal length, certain of the links, preferably each alternate link 29 being in the form of a curved plate provided with a tooth aperture 30 preferably of rectangular form or Obviously, any

outline to correspond with the shape of the teeth. These apertures are centrally arlinks 29 are provided with spaced apertured ears 32- at the ends thereof, designed to re:-

ceive therebetween the apertured cars 33 otal connection being completed through the medium, of headed pintles or pivots 3a, the ends of which may be upset for this purpose. In order that the links 31 may cooperate with the teeth .28, they are provided with sockets 35 at the inside, so as to engage or receive the teeth therein, the sockets being centrally positioned equi-distantlyfrom the ends of the links as are theapertures 80, while the links or plates 3l are further provided with laterally projecting paddles 36 which extend at right angles or perpendicularly'with respect to the curved plates or links 31 preferably over the sockets 35. The plates 31 are reinforced transversely at the sockets in order to add strength to the paddles or blades and. permit the latter to be.

made of any suitable extension or width, in order to give the proper propelling effect and power.

As will be observed, the alternate links are provided with the paddles or blades 36, in the preferred construction, but it is to be understood that any suitable number of intervening links 29 may be used, according to r the power to be derived or generated, as well as the speed to be produced. It will be fun f ther seen that the lower lap of the endless drive member at each side ,is arranged to dip inthe water, irrespective of the condi-- tion of the water or sea, be it rough or and practical value, that it will readily com- I mend itself to th'ose skilled in the art. located at the ends of the plates 31, the piv- Havingthus fully'described my invention, what claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is g I 1. A boat comprising aduplex'liull 'consisting of a pair of. united hulls, the hulls having outer sides and a common vertically extending inner side and also having separate bottoms, eachof said bottoms having.

a-keel anda pair of bottom sections flaring upwardly from the keel to the sides ofthe hull, the adjacent bottom sections ofthe hullsmerging into the I common' side fat a polnt a substant al distance above the water line to define, a 'substantiallyclosed interveni,

ing air space between the hulls, said air space extending the entire length of the hulls.

2. A boat comprisinga duplexhull con I sisting'of apair of united fhulls,"the: hulls having outer sides and a common; verticallyextending inner side and also having separate bottoms, each'of said bottoms having a heel and a pair of bottom sections flaring upwardly from the keel to the sides of the hull, the adjacent bottom sections of the hulls merging into the common side at a" point a substantial distance above the water line to define a substantially closed interven ing. air space between the hulls,jsaid air,

space extending the entire length of the hulls, propulsion means operating along the outer side of each ofsaid hulls.


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U.S. Classification114/61.1, 114/284, 440/96
International ClassificationB63H1/34
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