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Publication numberUS1452213 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date17 Apr 1923
Filing date21 Dec 1920
Priority date21 Dec 1920
Publication numberUS 1452213 A, US 1452213A, US-A-1452213, US1452213 A, US1452213A
InventorsNelson Andrew
Original AssigneeNelson Andrew
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Extension manifold
US 1452213 A
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Apr. 31?, 1923.


nnrnnsron nenrrotn Application tiled December tit, herisl Fife. 43%,197.

To ail whom it may concern: the inteire mnlniiold, end is provided with Be it known that ii, Anonnw Nelson, at on opening which may he uncovered tor citizen oi: the United Stetes, end resident oi? the purpose pouring hot water on the Miiweniree, in the county of Miiweukee end msniiioid it neoessnry.

5 State of Wisconsin, hnve invented certein To the other end 23 of the pipe is ednew end useful Improvements in Extension justnhiy ettoched the vertieei extension 24, Menitoids; and I do hereby denier-e that the the end of which is inserted in hreether following is s tnii, cieer, and erect descrip opening 13, The purpose of the ndjnstsoie tion thereof, connection at is to permit the device to he m This invention reistes to on improved ex ettached to niotors having different distension msniioid, end its principal object is tenses between the sir-inlet opening, and the to provide en attachment for the manifold hrenther opening, The extension 24: is proof on automobile motor for worming the sir ionged upwordi beyond the connection 528,

which is token into the engine niongwith and provided with n ping 25, which may he the veporized osoiine so that the motor they removed for the purpose of introducing in" be more reedi y sterted in coid wenther. briceting oii,

A further object of the invention is to The pipe let is provided with one or more provide en ettschment of this kind, which ir iniet'openings 28 which may he covered may he quickly morphed end. eesiiy fitted to to eny desired extent by the clip 27.

any ot the more popular n'iodeis of ento- From the foregoing description it wiii he niobiie motors, seen that I have provided it me-niioid iniet A still further object of the invention is to pipe heating cover, which may he termed e provide it device which may he niso connect monitoid extension, end due to the increased ed to the breather, in order thnt the gases heating; ares, in prectice, it hos been found escaping therefrom may he mixed with the that with this device it snhstentisi gain over combustihie cherge, end utilized for the on: the ordinary niiiesge per gotten off gasoline oration oi the motor, is efiected.

Uther objects and edvontsges wilt eppenr -It will siso he under tood thet the rennitrom the foiiowing description end are set foid extension wiii function eqnsiiy eticient so forth in the oppeniled claims in zero weother or in high temperatures, In the drawings It has else heen tonndthet on engine men- Figure 1 is at side elevation of my ettechifoid equipped with the structure will run ment as applied to one or the more popnisr smoothiy, irrespective of ionizing piston conautomobile motors, diti'ons, due to the feet thet the manifold Figure 2 is e section taken on the iine Writ perate with e ieener gns ninrtnre,

9r'2 oi Figure 1, end who-rosy the plugs tire dry,

Figure 3 is it section taken on the line The connection from the cerhurctor air in- 3-3 of Figure 2, teire to the motor oil intake renders it pos- The motor to which my device is sttsched sihie to absorb host from the entire length 40 is designsted by the reference character M, of nienifoid,

and comprises an exhenst msnitoid 10, can The device con be stteehed to n stnndnrd bnretor it, intnke manifold 12 e d manifold without mechanical changes with breather "i3. out boring holes or adding fittings, end can My ettschrnent comprises e pipe it, which be readily sssernbied to the cerhnrctor is bent st one end st right engines, as shown With u the old f a kill me h mfl.

st 15, end the extreme end is bent hscirwsrd- I cieirn my invention, iy as at is to fit into the sir iniet opening L An ottechment tor interns-i continue- 17 ot the cerhnretor. tron motors compris ng pipe heving o For etteehing the device to the motor, two rn heed st one end, nieens for ciernping ot the hoits which hoid the manifold ore reseid pipe with its mein portion eiongside pieced by ionger hoits 18 end it whichposs end egeinst exhnnst menitoid end with through and retein e housing" 26, the upper its hent end in eominnnicntion with the sir end otwhich is curved to form it tip 21 iniet to the csrhnretor, snid clamping nieens which engages the pipe 141-. The lower nor. heing extended to form n housing tor the tion ot the housing is tepered es shown at intnhe me-nifoid, the other end pine 20 to fit snugiy around the iower portion of? heing in comrnnnicetion with the his opening, and an opening in said pipe for the admission of air.

2. An attachment for internal combustion motors comprising a pipe having a return bend at one end, means for clamping said pipe With its main portion aiong side'and against the exhaust manifold, and with its bent end in communication with the air inlet to the carburetor, and with the other end of saidpipe in communication with the breather opening, said clamping means beextended to form a housing for the intake manifold, an opening in said pipe for the admission of air, and means for varying th amount of air that can be admitted through said opening.

An attachment for interns} combustion motors comprising a pipe having a return bend at one end, means for clamping said pipe with its main portion alongside and against the exhaust manitoid and with its bent end in communication with the air iniet to the carburetor, said damping means being extended to form a. housing for the intake manifold.

t. An attachment for internai combustion motors comprising a pipe having a return bend at one end, a housing having-a iip thereon bent over said pipe, means cooperating 1 "h said housing for clamping said pipe rim; its main portion along side anitoid and with its hent end communication with the air inlet to the carburetor, the other end of said pipe being in communication with the breather opening.

in testimony tha I": ciaim the oregoing Ii have here to set my hand at hihiwaukee, in the corn of Milwaukee and State of idisconsirn and against the exhaust

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U.S. Classification123/556, 123/572
International ClassificationF02M1/00
Cooperative ClassificationF02M2700/4345, F02M1/00
European ClassificationF02M1/00