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Publication numberUS1320817 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date4 Nov 1919
Filing date29 Jan 1919
Publication numberUS 1320817 A, US 1320817A, US-A-1320817, US1320817 A, US1320817A
InventorsE. Yost
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Game apparatus
US 1320817 A
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1 320,817. Patented Nov. 4, 1919.

3 SHEETSSHEE T lvHHI IH HIUW Fig.3.. INVENITQR c7o7znl7. 1 6 5%.



APPLICATION man JAN. 29. 1919.

Patented N 0v. 4, 1919.





Application filed January 29, 1919.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN E. Yo-s'r, a

, citizen of the United States, residing at Arkansas City, in the county of Cowley and State of Kansas, have invented a new and Improved Game Apparatus, of which the following is a specification. V

My invention has special reference t game apparatus or systems with which may be played a game which lines up in the minds of the players considerable practical information, one that will not alone be of great interest and pleasure to the players but which will educate them as to historical events, geographical localities, political events, the works of inventors and authors, &c.

My game apparatus or system is based on the fact that famous persons or events of history are related to certain times in that history; that towns, rivers, mountains, animals, &c., are related to some locality or 10- calities; and that inventors, artists, &c., are related to their various works.

In the practical representation of my game apparatus or system, there is embodied suitable plates or boards of any desired material on which are delineated diagrams or pictures of time, location or works and, at each diagram or picture, means is provided for receiving an indicating element that has delineated thereon a duplication of the statementof the time or location or works indicated on the particular diagram or space cooperative with the aforesaid means, which means may be a slot or socket into which the indicating element'is received.

My game apparatus or system in its complete make-up includes a pack of playlng cards, each having-indicia thereon that constitutes the indicating elements before referred to and which may be pictures of persons, events, towns, rivers, mountains, animals, authors, artists, inventors, the particular class or type of such pictures being especially designed for cooperating with the system or arrangement of the things represented on the game board, it being understood that my game may be utilized for disseminating Bible, United States, or other histories, geographical features, for introducing artists, or any line of learning, one part of the relation of which is represented on a suitable board by diagrams or pictures and the other part of the relation thereof capable of being represented fby' playing Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 4, 1919. Serial No. 273,784. 7

cards, each of the aforesaid uses being variations of my game apparatus or system that require their own special surface design or arrangement of the board and the face designs for the pack of cards cooperative therewith.

My game is one that is to be played by two persons, as will hereinafter be more fully explained, and the said game is played by winning cards or indicating elements, at some game of chance, and placing the said elements 1 in their proper relation on 'the surface of the chart or game board.

Additional features of my invention will appear -in the following specifications in which a preferred form of my said inventiOn is particularly explained and claimed and other forms thereof are generically re ferred to.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a chart or board that is particularly designed for setting forth Bible history.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a deck of cards (indicating elements) that are especially designed for playing the said game, some of the cards being shown as wholly and partly separated from the deck to the better illustrate what they stand for.

Fig. 3 is a detail view of a portion of the game board and some of the two sets of indicating elements or cards in their played position on the board, parts being broken away to the better illustrate the center supporting members.

Fig. 4 is a longitudinal part section of a simple form of the game board and illustrates a means for supporting the center of the same, when made of card board, and for keeping the inserted cards from slipping sidewise or going through the slots.

Fig. 5 is a plan view of a portion of the game board that shows the game arranged for teaching geographical localities in the United States.

Fig. 6 is a detail view of one of the indicator cards used therewith.

Fig. 7 is a similar view that illustrates my game apparatus arranged for teaching the works of prominent inventors.

Fig. 8 is one of the card or indicator mem bers used therewith.

In carrying out my invention, I provide a game board upon which are delineated representations of historical periods, localities, works, for example noted inventions, books,

(ma-i pictures, &c., according to the particular form or arrangement of my game apparatus.

In the drawings, 1 have illustrated my invention as embodying a game whose board is designed for dis laying periods of time related to certain biblical events that occurred within the aforesaid periods.

The game board, which may be made up of any material suitable for the purpose, when arranged as a board of Bible history, for economy in manufacturing, ease of handling and adaptability for packing and shipping, is made of card board and of an elongated box shape, as is clearly shown in Figs. 1, 2, 3 and 4; of the drawings, by reference to which it will be seen that the board includes an open top box 1 and another box 2 that fit into the box 1 and whose bottom 20 constitutes the board proper upon which the display features or game design is de lineated.

The box 1 is somewhat longer than the box 2, whereby to form an open space across one end of the box 1 that serves as a pocket 3- into which the deck of cards, that constitutes a part of my game apparatus, is placed when not in use. 7

5 denotes a box lid or cover which latter, when the game board is to be used, is turned up side down and constitutes a base member into which the other box portions 1 and 2 are seated.

. When my game is arranged as a Bible history game, the board surface 20 has designed thereon, a number of spaces 6 arranged midway of the said surface 20 and which extend the full length of such surface.

These spaces are stepped off, beginning with A. D. 100 and continuing, in one hundred year periods, up to a thousand years B. C. and then continuing in century periods up to 4,000 years B. Q.

As the game is played by two persons, one at each end of the board, to provide for an easy reading of the spaces or periods, two sets of numbers that read in opposite directions are delineated in the said spaces 6.

The spaces 6, in the arrangement shown in Fig. 1, are divided off by the cross line 60 into a series of supplemental spaces 7-7 located one along each side of the top 20, which, in practice, contains suitable illustrations, preferably those relating to some important event in biblical history, other spaces 7171 being also provided along the opposite ends of the board top 2, as shown.

Cooperative with each space 6 is a means for sustaining an indicia card played from the pack of cards that constitutes a part of the game as will hereinafter be more fully explained.

In the drawings, I have shown the said card holding means in the nature of slots 8 that extend transversely of the board 20, one for each space and arranged in sets, one

by two players.

set occupying a longitudinal space 9, one of said spaces 9 being located at each side of the central line of spaces 6, it being understood that one of each set of slots is provided for each player for separately assembling the indicia card or indicating elements on the board 20, as hereinafter ex plained.

As before noted, the game includes a deck of cards which are played out between the players in the manner best explained as follows.

The deck of cards consist of an odd number, preferably 41, one of which is an extra card and is termed the joker.

WVhen used in connection with the Bible history game, the said cards have the names of the persons and pictures of instances famous in the particular periods indicated by the spaces 6 on the game board.

The cards also have additional indicia in the shape of numbers, they being all marked oft, except the joker in sets of 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The game, in its various forms, is played In the case of history, there are, as before noted, two rows of slots, one for each player, the deck of cards are shuffled, cut and dealt five to a hand and one to the board, face up. The 1s will take the 1s, the 2s will take the 2s, the 3s will take the 3s and the 4s will take the 42s on the board While the joker takes every thing that may be on the'board.

The player not dealing, now takes what cards he can, by playin the proper num bers and, if any are taken, he then plays one card to the board and the play passes to his partner, thus the two play out their hands, except one card, when new cards are dealt until the deck is used up.

The object of retaining one card in the hand is to give the player holding the joker a chance to retain it until the best time to play it.

The players now each take the cards they have won, turn about, and place them in the slot they think they belong in, each player using the line of slots to his right hand and places his cards facing himself.

The cards properly placed are now counted to see who wins. The game is won by the player that wins and properly places in the slots on the game board the greatest number of cards.

To provide for a proper decision, the game includes a key or list 10 pasted as shown in Fig. 41 into the cover 5- and which designates the names of the particular persons prominent in the periods designated on V the board.

In the arrangement of my game as shown in Figs. 1, 2, 3 and 4, a simple and.- effective means is included for imparting sufficient stifi'ness to the card board or top 20 and for holding the indicating elements or cards that are inserted in the slots from slipping sidewise or toppling over and also from passing through the slots.

The means mentioned is a sheet of reasonably stiff paper 11, which is folded up to form plaits 12, the full height of the space within the box 1, whose bottom edges are held properly spaced by paper strips 13 glued to the said edges and to the opposite ends of the box 1, as indicated in Fig. 4.

In Fig. 5 I have diagrammatically illustrated my game as especially designed for teaching United States geography and it should be stated that the same general characteristics embodied in the Bible history game appear in the geographical game, ex

cept that a single slot 25 is provided for each specific place on the board with which the indicia cards cooperate.

In the geographical game, the cards bear the seals of the different States and the cards won, when playing the deck, are placed in the selected slots, which slots are divided in two sets, one set of slots having arrows 26 pointing in one direction and the other set having arrows 27 that point in opposite directions.

One set of slots is to be used by one player and the other set of slots by the other player.

The geographical game is won by the player who wins and places properly the greatest number of cards in his respective set of slots.

The joker is placed by the one having it, in the slot for the District of Columbia.

In Fig. 7 I have shown the game arranged for teaching the progress of invention and the introduction of the inventors who have developed the particular inventive works delineated on the game board.

In this form of my invention, the cards are played and placed on the game board using the same slots for both players, whose cards, when placed, face the players.

While I have incidentally shown and de scribed but two modifications of my game apparatus, it will be readily understood that the said game may be arranged for playing capitals, big cities, rivers, mountains, animals and other locations, &c., when arranged for playing and teaching geography and the same game scheme will work equally as Well for playing authors, by placing in the spaces 011 the game board pictures of their Works, for example The Ole Swimming Hole, Huckleberry Finn, 850., and on the corresponding playing cards the names of the authors of said Works.

What I claim is:

l. A game apparatus consisting of an in verted card board box Whose bottom constitutes a game board, said game board being provided with a plurality of spaces, each representing a thing, slots in the said board, one along side of each space, means within the boX for holding the game board from buckling, a deck of cards, each having indicia representing some particular ones of the things indicated by the spaces on the game board, the said ca'rds having supplemental indicia whereby to afford playing a game and adapted for being projected through the selected ones of the spaces in the game board.

2. A game apparatus consisting of an inverted card board boX whose bottom constitutes a game board, said game board being provided with a plurality of spaces, each representing a thing, slots in the said board, one along side of each space, means within the box for holding the game board from buckling, the said means comprising stifi' paper folded in plaited form that extends the full length of the box and means for holding the plaits in contact with the under side of the board, a deck of cards, each having indicia representing some particular ones of the things indicated by the spaces on the game board, the said cards having supplemental indicia whereby to afford playing a g me and adapted for being projected through the selected ones of the spaces in the game board.


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. O.

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