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Publication numberUS1272137 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date9 Jul 1918
Filing date18 Oct 1917
Priority date18 Oct 1917
Publication numberUS 1272137 A, US 1272137A, US-A-1272137, US1272137 A, US1272137A
InventorsMary L Smith
Original AssigneeMary L Smith
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US 1272137 A
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M. L. SMiTH.


APPLICATION man ocr. 18, 1911.

Patented 311137 9, 1918.

lNvEN OH snon-rasrnnnn.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July it, 191.8.

Application filed October 18, 1917. Serial No. 192307.

citizen of the United States, residing at Marlboro, in the county of Cheshire and Sta e of New Hampshire, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shoc- Fastenc.s, ofwhich the following is a speci fication.

This invention is an improvement in shoes and slippers and is directed moreparticularly to the method of fastening the same upon the feet of the wearer.

One object of the invention is to provide a means of securing a shoe or slipper upon the foot of a person so that the same will not slip up and downupon the heel and at the same time provide for thorough ventilation and free foot movement of the wearer.

A further object is to provide straps that lead from the counter and are detachably fastened at their free ends to the vamp, the straps being crossed, and atthe point of intersection or crossing the straps being provided with friction material. 7

The invention broadly stated, comprises a shoe or slipper having a counter, a vamp connected to the counter by quarters, straps formed by slitting the quarters from adja- 'centthe vamp backward to the counter, suit-- able fastening means for the free ends of the straps so that they may be secured adjacent the vamp, one of said straps being provided with an opening through which the other strap may pass, thus providing for' the crossing of the straps upon the instep of the wearer, one of the straps being provided with suitable friction material to prevent undue movement of the straps when in use, said strap'sL-being formed integral with the quarters.

One practical form of construction and assembly will be described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings in'which,

Figure 1 is a perspective'view of a slipper formed in accordance with the preferred constructionof the invention, and

Fig. 2 is a bottomplan view of one of thestraps showing the friction material carried thereby, and

Fig. 3 is a sectional view to show the crossing of the straps. In the preferred embodiment about to be described the slipper shown in Fig. 1 may be provided with the usual soie 5 and thep l 6, Secured to the sole 5 is a vamp? 'strap 11 is split.

which in the present illustration is continuous'with the quarter 8 and the counter 5).

The straps 10 and 11 are preferably formed by slitting the quarters 8 from a. point adjacent the vamp 7 backward to near the counter 9. The width of the straps 10 and 11 may be such as is desired and it will be seen that they are formed of the same material and are integral with the quarters and counter. The slits which may be generally indicated'at 12 and 13 showing the ends thereof'are carried sufliciently backward to permit the straps 10 and 11 to cross over the instep of the user in a comfortable manner.

The free ends of the straps 10 and 11 may carry parts of the snap fasteners 1d and 15. Such parts maybe the socket portions of the snap fasteners while the ball portion may be secured to and upon opposite sides of the vamp.

The straps 10 and 11 when in use preferably cross. over so that the strap that originates upon the inside quarter will have its free end fastened to the. vamp adjacent the outside quarter.

Tn orderv to provide aineans for holding the straps in their crossed position, the The strap 10 is then passed through the slot or opening 11 formed in the strap 11.

As shown in Fig. 1 by the dotted lines 'one of the straps is provided with the friction material 16. The friction material is preferably placed upon the underside of the strap so that it will not rub the instep of the wearer as when walking the straps naturally move slightly. Similar friction material indicated at 17 may be inserted as a lining upon the inside of the counter 9. This will serve to prevent the heel of the wearer from slipping up and down.

The slipper as shown is well adapted by means of the straps 10 and 11 and their fastcnings 'l-land L5 to firmly maintain the shoe or slipper upon the foot of the wearer.

7 By crossing the straps 10 and 11, the heel.

thus they are ample to Withstand the strain. Any other suitable type of fastening may be employed for the snap fasteners to provide a quick and ready means for detachably securing the free ends of the straps to the vamp portion of the shoe or slipper.

Minor changes inform, proportion and details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of a he appended claims:

1. The combination with a shoe having a heel and sole, of a counter and a yamp joined by quarters, a plurality of straps formed by slitting the quarters from a point adjacent the-counter forward to the vamp means for detachably-securing the free ends of the straps to the vamp, said straps being adapted to he crossed, and friction material carried by one of the straps at the point of crossing to'prevent undue movement of the strap and to prevent wear of the hose ot' the wearer.

2. A shoe comprising a. counter and. a

taining the straps in a crossed position, and

friction material attached to the underside of one of the straps.

In testinion whereof I ailix n1 si natu're Q in presence of two Witnesses.

MARY L. SMITH. v l'itnessesz Fonnns'r L. HART, HERBERT J. RICHARDSON.

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U.S. Classification36/58.5, 36/50.1
Cooperative ClassificationA43B23/28