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Publication numberUS1167566 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date11 Jan 1916
Filing date4 May 1915
Priority date4 May 1915
Publication numberUS 1167566 A, US 1167566A, US-A-1167566, US1167566 A, US1167566A
InventorsCourtney M Jenkins
Original AssigneeCourtney M Jenkins
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Street-railway transfer-ticket.
US 1167566 A
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1516x566. Patented Jan. 11, 1916.



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objects is to provide a ticket having a time period limit and which` `Will automatically indicate when the time limit has expired and the ticket is void for use.

Another object of the invention is to provide a transfer ticket which obviates the necessity of using a time table and the necessity of punching the transfer to show vthe `time limit.

-A still further object of the invention is to provide a transfer ticket which is also adapted for use In tlie accompanying drawing,--Figure 1 l is a face view of one form of transfer ticket embodying my invention. Fig. 2 isa View of -the same as it appears when void for use.

,.Fig. a view of the same transfer when tory matter indicatory of the character and purpose of the ticket. The ticket may also and preferably will bear, as shown a suitable warning notice that thas a time period limit and must be used within such period, after being tendered to the holder, 0r that it will be void for use as a transfer. printed matter referred to may be printed in an ordinary or permanent ink or in a fugitive ink which disappears after having been exposed to light for-thev given period constitutingathe time limit for which the transfer ticket is valid, In Figs. 1 and 2 the printed matter disclosed is designed to be of a permanent character, but the ticket 1 shown therein is provided with indicating Specification of Letters Patent.

as an effective advertising The y resented aan. ii, raie.

App1ication-l1ei May 4, 1915. Serial No. 25,7%.l

means of a nature influencedv by light,

means of which the'transfer is rendered invalid -forl use at the expiration 'of its time limit period. This indicating means consists, as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 1, of a suitable word or sign, such as the word Void printed in a sympathetic ink of a character which-is normally-invisible but which, when exposed to light for a given period, will be'rendered visible. This indicating word is preferably designed to be printed in ink of a color contrasting with that of the title andotlier informatory printed matter so as to be clear and distinctive in appearance when fully developed by the action of light..

In practice the transfer tickets may beput up in pad or other suitable form, contained in a light-proof package from which the tickets may be individually dispensed,

^ so that they will be unaffected until removed from the package orvexposed to light, the time period beginning at the moment the transfer is Withdrawn from the packet and dispensed. Thus the holder of the ticket will be provided with a ticket which is good for transfer from one railway line to another during a certain period,.the expiration of which will be shown by the appearance of the word Void, as shown in Fig. 2, in full volume and color,at which time and when appearing in such condition the transfer becomes null and void. Itwill be understood that the indicatory matter in sympathetic ink will gradually appear and its color tone will develop ina progressive manner, so that; the age of the transfer, at any time between its issuance and expiratory period, may be determined at a glance. For the purpose of preventing any mistake or misunderstanding there may be printed or otherwise provided upon the ticket a comparison mark 3, such as a solid block printed in a permanent ink of the color the indicatory matter should have when'fully developed.

If desired, the title and informatory inatter upon the ticket may be printed in a fugitive or disappearing ink, which disappears entirely as the indicatory matter appears, as is indicated by the ticket 1a .in Fig. 3, which shows the ticket in the condition it appears when void,l the informatory matter having disappeared and the indicatory matter having'developed in full.

with informatorymatter of either a permanent character, as shown 1n Figs. 1 and 2, or of a fugitlve character, as shown 1n F1g.

' 3, may be varied to a considerable extent.

F or instance, it .nay be in the nature of advertising matter, as shown in the ticket 1b in Fig. 4, whichA is printed in sympathetic ink and appears or is developed by light so as to show at the expiration limit. It is preferable, however, to use an appearing advertisement in connection with disappearing informatory matte' as at the end of the expiratory period all matter indicating the original'nature of the ticket as a transfer ticket is obliterated and the ticket appears simply as an advertising slip, but, of course, itis to be understood that such sympathetic advertising matter may be used in connection with permanent informa'tory matter with any suitable additional advice or information that may be required.

As a further modification of my invention I may provide a transfer ticket which bears thereon all of the matter indicating its nature in a fugitive or disappearing ink, which 'at the end of the time period for which the transfer is valid entirely vanishes, leaving the holder vwith a blank slip of paper which has no value whatever as a transfer ticket. These and other modifications of equivalent character are held to fall within the spirit and scope of my invention.

It will thus be seen that the invention provides a transfer ticket which will be affected by light, immediately upon its removal from the dispensing packets, or otherwise be affected upon its removal from the packet, so that at the end of a designated time period it will automatically render itself null and void. This dispenseswith the necessity of numbering the transfers, or of Vprinting time tables thereon, or even lof printing different transfers for different lines, and it also obviates the necessity as well as the loss of time incident to punching the transfer to indicate the time limit, resulting in decreased labor. on the part of the conductor and the saving of'time and the handling of passengers at crossing points bodying means .influenced by light rays for indicating Whether or not the ticket is void, and me .ns upon the ticket for indicating by comparison a condition of the first-mentioned means to indicate the void stage. v

2. A street railway ticket provided with normally invisible matter to be developed by light rays, and normally visible matter to be rendered invisible by light rays.

3. A street railway transfer ticket bearing matter adapted to disappear under the influence of light rays, and other matterk adapted to appear under the influence of light rays.

l. A street railway transfer ticket bearing thereon matter normally invisible and adapted to be developed by light rays after aA predetermined period to indicate that said ticket is void, and a comparison means-for indicating when such developed matter is developed to a mature degree.

5. A street railway transfer ticket having means adapted to be influenced byv light rays and developed to a predetermined condition to indicate a void period, and a comparison mark upon the ticket'of a color conforming to that adapted to be'assumed by such means when the void period is reached.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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