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Publication numberUS1142876 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date15 Jun 1915
Filing date25 Jul 1914
Priority date25 Jul 1914
Publication numberUS 1142876 A, US 1142876A, US-A-1142876, US1142876 A, US1142876A
InventorsWilliam A Davis, Albert Greenwood
Original AssigneeWilliam A Davis, Albert Greenwood
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US 1142876 A
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Patel lted June -15, 1915.



To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, WILLIAM A. DAVIS and ALBERT GREENWOOD, citizens of the United States, residing at Knoxville, 'in the county of Knox, 'State of Tennessee, have invented a new -and useful Bed, of which the following is a specification.

The device forming the subject matter of this application isa bed and one object of the present invention is to provide novel means for cooling, ventilating and disinfecting the bed.

The invention is applicable to operating tables, couches, school desks, and the like and the term bed is to be construed as meaning any structure upon which a person may wish to recline or sit for any purpose whatsoever.

It is within the scope of the invention to improve generally and to enhance the util-' ity of devices of that type to which the present invention appertains.

With the above and other objects in view which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the.

details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed can be made with in the scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

The invention is disclosed in a single perspective figure.

, carrying 'out the invention there is provided a. suitable support 1 of. any desired form, upholding a box-like casing 2.

Secured to one end of the casing 2 and communicating with the interior of the easing is a flexible tube or pipe 3-which may be of any desired length, the same communicating with a pump 4 which if desired, .may be mounted upon wheels 5 for the sake of portability, the outlet of the pump being indicated at 6 and the numeral 7 denoting any. suitable means for actuating the pump. he pump, preferably, is of the combined suction and blower variety, so that at the will of the operator, air may be withdrawn from the casing? or be forced thereinto.

Fixed to and upstanding from the longitudinal edges of-the casing 2 are deflectors 8 including horizontally dis osed wings 9 extended toward the longitu 'nal center of the casi g 1.

Supported on the casing '2 is a rest or Specification of LettcrsPatent' Application filed July 25, 1914.

.what is claimed is mattress;

Patented June 15 1915. Serial No. 853,083.

' mattress 10 the word mattress being construed to mean a suitable structure of any sort upon which a person may recline, lean,

sit or otherwise rest. The mattress ,10 is somewhat narrower than thecasing 2 so that spaces 11 exist between the edges of the mattress 10 and the deflectors 8. Between the deflectors 8 and the adjacent edges of the mattress 10, the upper wall of the casing 2 is perforated as shown at 12.

In practical operation, through the medium of the pump 4, a suction may be created within the casing 2. Air will then be drawn from above the mattress 10, beneath the wings 9 of the deflectors 8 and between the deflectors and the adjacent vertical edges of the mattress, the air passing through the perforations 12 into the casing 2 and'out' of the casing by way of the pipe 3. Thusit will be obvious that objectionable odors may be removed, the air being discharged through the outlet 6 of the pump, it being possible to sterilize or disinfect the air and thus deliver-the air outside of the building in which the structure herein described is located. The device tends to create a draft of greater or less strength across the top of themattress 10, thus promoting ventilation and aiding in regulating the temperature. The structure is adapted to be'used not only upon sleeping beds but upon operating tables, school desks, and in other places where comfort and health not only of the person reclining upon the bed or table, but

of the attending physician or nurse, as well,

are to be considered.

Instead of sucking the an around the mattress or in. addition thereto, the mat- I tress may be perforated.

Obviously a number of structures such as herein described can be connected to a central suction plant.

If desired a suitable covering of rubber or other like material could be placed over the bed so as to direct medicated air to the I occupant thereof.

Having thus described the 1. In a device of the class described, .a. perforated conduits disposed along the edges of the mattress; deflectors overhanging the perforations; and means for sucking air through the perforations of all of the conduits at once.

'2.'In a device of the class described, a casing having sets of perforations; a matinvention,

of perforations; deflectors located outwardly of the perforations; and means for forcing air through the perforations to ventilate the surface of the mattress.

3. In a device of easing having sets of perforations; deflectors secured to the casing and overhanging v meansfor forcing air t1ons of the casing.

the perforatlons; a mattress on the casin and extended beneath the-deflectors; an

through theperfora- 4. In a device of the class described, a box-like casing provided along its edges the class described, a

essrs with upright deflectors and adapted to receive a mattress between the deflectors, the casing being perforated adjacent the deflectors; a suction pump; and a connection between the pumgfland the casing.

In testimony t t we claim the foregoing as. our own, we have hereto afiixed our signatures in the presence of two witnesses.



Witnesses: i

D. H. Brno, P W. (3., Part.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47C21/048, Y10S5/91