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Publication numberUS1055768 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date11 Mar 1913
Filing date7 Oct 1912
Priority date7 Oct 1912
Publication numberUS 1055768 A, US 1055768A, US-A-1055768, US1055768 A, US1055768A
InventorsSamuel H Levee, Max Tickoshinsky
Original AssigneeSamuel H Levee, Max Tickoshinsky
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Shoe attachment.
US 1055768 A
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1,055,768. Patented Mar,.11,1913.-

To all 'whom t may concern.' Y



SHOE ATTACHMENT results when the shoe is too large for itheA foot, and` to serve as a cushion to lend ease and comfort to walking.

A further object is the production of a shoe attachment as mentioned, which will be of durable and economical construction and elicient in use.

Other objects will appear hereinafter. l

The invention consists in the combinations and arrangements of 'parts hereinafter fully described and claimed.

The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanyingy drawings forming a part of this specification and in which,

Figure l1 is a perspective view `of a h'eel attachment embodying our invention, Fig. 2 is a central .vertical longitudinal section of the attachment, and Fig. 3 is a vertical transverse section of theat-tachment.

The preferred form of construction as 'illustrated in the drawings comprises a body formed of comparatively non-flexible material, such as leather, which is formed internally tol conform substantially with the heel-'of a human foot. 'Said body consists wof a bottom piece 1 and a side piece 2, the

adjacent edges-of said pieces being secured together by stitching so that said edges abut each other, as clearly shown in Figs.

2 and 3. By thus joining the edges of the component parts of the body a smooth inner surface is produced, which obviously conduces to ease andcomfort when t-he attachment is used. In order to further conduce tQ enjoyment and comfort to the wearer, Vthe pieces 1 and 2 are transversely Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed October 7,

H. Leven vand comfort to the user.

Patented Mar. 11, 1913.

1912. Serial No. 724,325.

curved, as shown, in order to adapt the same to conform perfectly to the heel of the foot in conjunction with which the devic(` is used.

Cemented upon the under side of the bottom piece 1 of the attachment is a cushion 4 of soft rubber. The upper side of' the cushion 4 is concave in order' to correspond with the form of the bottom piece 1, the under side of said cushion being flat so as to rest securely upon the sole of the shoein which the same is used.

The outer edge of the piece 2 together with the forward edges of the pieces 1. and 4 are skived or tapered, as shown, so that when the device 1s worn, corners or ridges 1n the shoe, which tend to irritate the foot, will be-obviated.` 'The outer side'of the member 2 is roughened, as shown in Fig. 1. .so that,

when the device is in use, said surface will frictionally engage the inner adjacent surface of the shoe in which the4 device is ar ranged to prevent relative movement of the attachment and hence objectionable rubbing of the heel.

A device of the construction set forth will be found of great assistance in shoes which are too large for thewearer, the insertionv of an attachment of the present construction serving to fill up the shoe and thereby prevent rubbing of the heel which otherwise results from the use of too large shoes. Cushion 4 will serve to absorb shocks or jars incidental to walking' and thus lend ease While we have illustrated and described the preferred form of construct-ion for car. rying our invention into effect, this is 'capable of variation and modification without departing from the spirit ofthe invention. We, therefore, do not wish to be limited to the precise details as set forth, but desire to avail ourselves of such variations and modi fications as come Within the scope of the appended claim. l l

Having described our invention, 'what we claim as new and desire to secureby Letters Patent is':

A shoe attachment comprising a body of comparatively non-exible material consisting of a bottom piece and a side piece, said pieces being of transversely curved form to In testimony whereof we have signed our conform-substantially with the heel of a names to this specification in the presence 10 human foot; and a cushion provided at the of two subscribing Witnesses.

under side of said bottom piece, the upper SAMUEL H. LEVEE..`

. side of said cushion being concave to correi MAX TICKO'SHINSKY.

described. Y B. G. RICHARDS.

spond vWith said bottom geoe,v the under side Witnesses: w

of said cushion being Hat, substantially as ARTHUR A. OLSON, l

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U.S. Classification36/37, 36/55
Cooperative ClassificationA43B21/32