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Publication numberDE7001884 U
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19707001884
Publication date24 Aug 1972
Filing date21 Jan 1970
Priority date21 Jan 1970
Publication number19707001884, 707001884, DE 7001884 U, DE 7001884U, DE-U-7001884, DE19707001884, DE7001884 U, DE7001884U, DE707001884
InventorsBischoff Wilhelm
ApplicantBischoff Wilhelm
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Heckfensterwarnblinkleuchte fuer autos. Rear window flashing warning light for cars. translated from German
DE 7001884 U
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE3030018A1 *8 Aug 198011 Mar 1982Werner Ing Grad DietzschMotor vehicle rear window louvre - has brake light in left and right hand blind side, with slat recesses in light sections
DE3032245A1 *27 Aug 19808 Apr 1982Ver Glaswerke GmbhHeckscheibe fuer kraftfahrzeuge
DE3620599A1 *19 Jun 198623 Dec 1987Hermann Dipl Ing WalterTriangular brake-light system
US4488141 *31 Jul 198111 Dec 1984Hans OhlenforstGlass pane for an automobile rear view window