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Publication numberDE69942858 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1999642858
Publication date25 Nov 2010
Filing date1 Jun 1999
Priority date1 Jun 1998
Also published asCA2333761A1, CA2333761C, EP1083836A1, EP1083836A4, EP1083836B1, US6607544, US6979341, US20020156482, US20040010263, US20040267271, US20060095064, US20080065139, WO1999062416A1
Publication number1999642858, 99642858, DE 69942858 D1, DE 69942858D1, DE-D1-69942858, DE1999642858, DE69942858 D1, DE69942858D1, DE99642858
InventorsRobert M Scribner, Karen D Talmadge
ApplicantKyphon S A R L
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Entfaltbare, vorgeformte strukturen zur auffaltung in regionen innerhalb des körpers Deployable, preformed structures for folding in regions within the body translated from German
DE 69942858 D1
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International ClassificationA61B17/34, A61L27/00, A61F2/28, A61F2/44, A61B17/56, A61B17/88, A61B17/02, A61B19/00, A61B17/00, A61F2/958
Cooperative ClassificationA61B90/39, Y10S606/91, A61M2210/1003, A61M25/1011, A61B17/8855, A61M25/10, A61B2017/00539, A61M2210/02, A61B17/3472, A61B2017/0256, A61B2017/00557, A61B17/7097, A61M29/02, A61M25/002, A61B2017/00526, A61B2017/00544
European ClassificationA61M25/10, A61B17/70V, A61B17/88C2B, A61M29/02, A61M25/00P