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Publication numberDE69841701 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998641701
Publication date15 Jul 2010
Filing date3 Feb 1998
Priority date6 Feb 1997
Also published asCA2278852A1, CA2278852C, DE69837595D1, DE69837595T2, EP0951763A2, EP0951763B1, EP1786137A1, EP1786137B1, EP1791288A1, EP1791288B1, EP2271022A1, EP2271022B1, US5933421, US6560209, US6853629, US7450542, US7983217, US8305990, US8693432, US9088388, US20030156570, US20050180349, US20080298339, US20110222526, US20130051291, US20140219075, WO1998035463A2, WO1998035463A3
Publication number1998641701, 98641701, DE 69841701 D1, DE 69841701D1, DE-D1-69841701, DE1998641701, DE69841701 D1, DE69841701D1, DE98641701
InventorsSiavash Alamouti, Eduardo F Casas, Michael Hirano, Elliott Hoole, Mary Jesse, David G Michelson, Patrick Poon, Gregory J Veintimilla, Hongliang Zhang
ApplicantAt & T Mobility Ii Llc
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Verfahren für bandbreiteneffiziente Kommunikation A method for bandwidth-efficient communications translated from German
DE 69841701 D1
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International ClassificationH04W72/04, H04W16/14, H04W72/08, H04W74/00, H04W74/04, H04B7/24, H04B7/08, H04J1/00, H04L5/14, H04B7/10, H04J3/00, H04B7/06, H04B7/26, H04J99/00, H04J3/06, H04L1/06, H04J11/00, H04L5/02
Cooperative ClassificationH04L1/06, H04L5/143, H04B7/0837, H04L5/023, H04L5/1484, H04J3/0652, H04W72/044, H04B7/10, H04L5/0007, H04L5/14
European ClassificationH04L5/02Q, H04L5/14P, H04B7/10, H04B7/08C, H04L1/06, H04L5/14T2