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Publication numberDE69838949 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998638949
Publication date14 Feb 2008
Filing date11 Mar 1998
Priority date11 Mar 1997
Also published asCA2283328A1, DE69838949T2, EP1008096A2, EP1008096A4, EP1008096B1, EP1903513A1, US6363164, US6603872, US6647136, US6650767, US6654486, US6665431, US6678401, US6678402, US6724926, US6724927, US6731786, US6810137, US6996263, US7082216, US7092560, US7171032, US7197173, US7362891, US7366338, US7391897, US7542598, US7949582, US8229821, US8346610, US8352322, US8380573, US9390574, US20020085745, US20020103757, US20020107801, US20020118871, US20020122580, US20020126885, US20020131630, US20020136442, US20020154804, US20020154805, US20020154806, US20020154807, US20020154808, US20020186876, US20030081824, US20050047642, US20050163361, US20050163362, US20050249394, US20060274929, US20070076939, US20070172107, US20070221470, US20070237381, US20080033829, US20080044077, US20080123932, US20080285838, US20110099105, US20110206267, US20120321170, WO1998040839A2, WO1998040839A3
Publication number1998638949, 98638949, DE 69838949 D1, DE 69838949D1, DE-D1-69838949, DE1998638949, DE69838949 D1, DE69838949D1, DE98638949
InventorsJohn E Jones, William J Jones, Douglas U Mennie, Paul A Jones
ApplicantCummins Allison Corp
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Automatisches dokumentenverarbeitungssystem mit vollbildabtastung Automatic document processing system with full image scanning translated from German
DE 69838949 D1
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International ClassificationG06Q20/00, G06T1/00, G07F19/00, G07D11/00, G07D7/06, G06K9/72, G07D7/20, G06K9/00, G07D7/12
Cooperative ClassificationG07D7/1205, G06Q20/042, G06Q20/105, G07D7/20, G07D7/06, G06Q20/0425, G07F19/207, G06K2209/01, G06Q20/20, G06Q20/18, G07F19/202, G06Q40/02, G07F19/20, G06Q20/108, G06Q20/10, G07F7/04, G06K9/033, G06T1/00, G06Q10/10, G06K9/726, G06Q20/1085, G07D7/12, G07D11/0084, G07D7/04, G06Q40/00
European ClassificationG06Q20/18, G06Q40/02, G06Q20/105, G07F7/04, G06T1/00, G06Q20/20, G07F19/20, G06Q20/10, G07D7/04, G07D7/12C, G07F19/202, G07F19/207, G06Q20/0425, G06K9/72S, G06Q20/1085, G06Q20/108, G06Q10/10, G06Q40/00, G07D7/06, G06Q20/042, G06K9/03A, G07D7/20, G07D7/12, G07D11/00K
Legal Events
18 Dec 20088363Opposition against the patent
21 Jan 20108339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee