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Publication numberDE69826206 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998626206
Publication date21 Oct 2004
Filing date19 Oct 1998
Priority date20 Oct 1997
Also published asDE69826206T2, EP0911170A2, EP0911170A3, EP0911170B1, US6352334, US20010020963
Publication number1998626206, 98626206, DE 69826206 D1, DE 69826206D1, DE-D1-69826206, DE1998626206, DE69826206 D1, DE69826206D1, DE98626206
InventorsTatsuya Fukushima, Masatoshi Ikkatai, Toshiro Sugiyama
ApplicantCanon Kk
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Tintenstrahldrucker mit einer verbesserten Reinigungseinheit Inkjet printer with an improved cleaning unit translated from German
DE 69826206 D1
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International ClassificationB41J2/175, B41J2/165
Cooperative ClassificationB41J2/16541, B41J2/16544, B41J2/17509
European ClassificationB41J2/175C1A, B41J2/165C2M
Legal Events
18 May 20068364No opposition during term of opposition