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Publication numberDE69823674 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998623674
Publication date7 Oct 2004
Filing date3 Aug 1998
Priority date27 Aug 1997
Also published asDE69823674D1, EP1007386A2, EP1007386B1, US5927817, WO1999010198A1, WO1999010198A8
Publication number1998623674, 98623674, DE 69823674 T2, DE 69823674T2, DE-T2-69823674, DE1998623674, DE69823674 T2, DE69823674T2, DE98623674
InventorsAnders Ekman, Jack Kagerin, Kent Thuresson
ApplicantLear Corp
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Belüfteter fahrzeugsitzaufbau Ventilated vehicle seat construction translated from German
DE 69823674 T2
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International ClassificationB60N2/90, B60N2/56, A47C7/74, A47C7/46
Cooperative ClassificationB60N2/565, B60N2/5635, B60N2/56
European ClassificationB60N2/56C4F, B60N2/56