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Publication numberDE69809239 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998609239
Publication date11 Sep 2003
Filing date24 Jul 1998
Priority date30 Jul 1997
Also published asCN1265770A, CN100347779C, DE69809239D1, EP0998744A1, EP0998744B1, US6141702, WO1999006997A1
Publication number1998609239, 98609239, DE 69809239 T2, DE 69809239T2, DE-T2-69809239, DE1998609239, DE69809239 T2, DE69809239T2, DE98609239
InventorsAaron Ludtke, Harumi Kawamura, Hiraku Inoue
ApplicantSony Electronics Inc
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Modell und kommandosatz für av/c-basierten plattenspieler/aufzeichnungsgerätsubeinheit Model and command set for av / c-based turntable / aufzeichnungsgerätsubeinheit translated from German
DE 69809239 T2
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International ClassificationH04N5/44, G06F3/06, H04N5/775, G11B31/00, G11B27/36, G11B19/02, H04B1/20, H04N5/765, G06F13/10, G11B20/10, H04N5/77, G11B27/00, H04L12/64, H04N21/4363, H04L12/40
Cooperative ClassificationH04N21/43615, H04N21/8106, H04N21/4135, Y10S707/99943, Y10S707/99942, G11B27/002, H04L12/40117, G11B2220/2562, H04N5/775, H04N5/4401, G11B31/00, H04N21/43632, G11B2220/2545, H04N5/765, G11B2220/2529, G11B19/02, G11B2220/213, H04B1/205, G11B27/36, H04N5/77
European ClassificationH04N21/4363C, H04N5/765, G11B19/02, H04B1/20C, G11B27/36, G11B31/00, G11B27/00A, H04L12/40F10