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Publication numberDE69704684 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1997604684
Publication date7 Jun 2001
Filing date20 Feb 1997
Priority date23 Feb 1996
Also published asDE69704684T2, EP0792044A2, EP0792044A3, EP0792044B1, USRE42762
Publication number1997604684, 97604684, DE 69704684 D1, DE 69704684D1, DE-D1-69704684, DE1997604684, DE69704684 D1, DE69704684D1, DE97604684
InventorsKil-Ho Shin, Kenichi Kobayashi, Toru Aratani
ApplicantFuji Xerox Co Ltd
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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Authentifizierung von Zugangsrechten eines Benutzers zu Betriebsmitteln nach dem Challenge-Response-Prinzip Apparatus and method for authentication of access rights to a user equipment after challenge-response principle translated from German
DE 69704684 D1
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International ClassificationG09C1/00, G06F1/00, H04L9/32, G06F12/14, G06F9/06, G06F21/24, G06F21/20, G06F21/00, G06F21/22, H04L9/30
Cooperative ClassificationG06F21/316, G06F2221/2139, G06F21/34, H04L9/302, H04L63/08, H04L9/3271, H04L2209/603, H04L9/3234
European ClassificationH04L9/30F, H04L9/32R, G06F21/34, G06F21/12A2, G06F21/33A, G06F21/30A
Legal Events
15 Nov 20018332No legal effect for de
22 Apr 20048370Indication of lapse of patent is to be deleted