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Publication numberDE69633005 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1996633005
Publication date2 Sep 2004
Filing date29 Mar 1996
Priority date31 Mar 1995
Also published asCA2216729A1, CA2216729C, CN1108026C, CN1179864A, CN1214665C, CN1420694A, DE69633005T2, DE69636800D1, DE69636800T2, DE69637664D1, EP0818084A1, EP0818084B1, EP1361675A2, EP1361675A3, EP1361675B1, EP1361676A2, EP1361676A3, EP1361676B1, EP2001141A2, EP2001141A3, US6035209, US6317587, US6876867, US7013160, US7831272, US20010014589, US20010041540, US20050181817, US20060094460, WO1996031014A1
Publication number1996633005, 96633005, DE 69633005 D1, DE 69633005D1, DE-D1-69633005, DE1996633005, DE69633005 D1, DE69633005D1, DE96633005
InventorsG Tiedemann, P Odenwalder, E Wheatley, Roberto Padovani
ApplicantQualcomm Inc
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Leistungsregelungsverfahren und- vorrichtung für ein mobiles kommunikatiossystem Power control method and-apparatus for a mobile kommunikatiossystem translated from German
DE 69633005 D1
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International ClassificationH04B7/00, H04B17/00, H05K11/02, H04B1/06, H04W52/60, H04B7/005, H04B7/26, H04W52/08, H04W52/36, H04W52/22, H04W52/28, H04W52/24
Cooperative ClassificationH04W52/60, H04W52/367, H04W52/282, H04W52/283, H04W52/228, H04W52/247, H04W52/50, H04W52/28, H04W52/362, H04W52/08, H04W52/20
European ClassificationH04W52/50, H04W52/36K, H04W52/28E, H04W52/28, H04W52/22V, H04W52/08, H04W52/36A
Legal Events
18 May 20068364No opposition during term of opposition