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Publication numberDE69627046 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1996627046
Publication date4 Dec 2003
Filing date25 Sep 1996
Priority date27 Sep 1995
Also published asCA2233206A1, CA2233206C, DE69607189D1, DE69607189T2, DE69627046D1, EP0852770A1, EP0852770A4, EP0852770B1, EP0974889A1, EP0974889B1, US5691898, US5907487, US5929607, US6271833, US6348911, US7038657, US7439951, US20020126091, US20050195168, US20090033624, WO1997012337A1
Publication number1996627046, 96627046, DE 69627046 T2, DE 69627046T2, DE-T2-69627046, DE1996627046, DE69627046 T2, DE69627046T2, DE96627046
InventorsLouis B Rosenberg, Adam C Braun, Bruce M Schena
ApplicantImmersion Corp
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Sichere und preisgünstige Rechner-Peripheriegeräte mit Kraftrückkoppelung für Konsumanwendungen Safe and affordable computer peripherals with force feedback for consumer applications translated from German
DE 69627046 T2
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International ClassificationH04L29/06, G06F3/01, G06F1/26, G06F3/00, A63F13/06, G05G9/047, G06F3/038
Cooperative ClassificationG06F3/016, A63F13/23, A63F13/285, H04L67/38, G06F3/011, G06F1/266, G05G2009/04777, A63F13/06, G06F2203/014, H01H2003/008, G06F2203/015, A63F2300/1031, A63F2300/1025, G06F3/0383, G05G2009/04766, G05G9/047, A63F2300/1037
European ClassificationG06F3/038E, G05G9/047, A63F13/06, G06F3/01F, G06F3/01B, G06F1/26P