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Publication numberDE69518435 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995618435
Publication date21 Sep 2000
Filing date2 Jun 1995
Priority date8 Jun 1994
Also published asDE29522101U1, DE69518275D1, DE69518275T2, DE69518275T3, DE69518435T2, DE69518435T3, DE69533993D1, DE69533993T2, EP0686379A2, EP0686379A3, EP0686379B1, EP0686379B2, EP0792627A2, EP0792627A3, EP0792627B1, EP0792627B2, EP1010406A2, EP1010406A3, EP1010406B1, EP1520557A2, EP1520557A3, US8206427, US8317854, US20170056156
Publication number1995618435, 95618435, DE 69518435 D1, DE 69518435D1, DE-D1-69518435, DE1995618435, DE69518435 D1, DE69518435D1, DE95618435
InventorsThomas J Fogerty, Jay A Lenker, Kirsten Freislinger
ApplicantCardiovascular Concepts Inc
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System zur Herstellung eines abzweigenden Transplantats System for producing a branching graft translated from German
DE 69518435 D1
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Legal Events
16 Aug 20018363Opposition against the patent
8 Jan 20048366Restricted maintained after opposition proceedings