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Publication numberDE69515042 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995615042
Publication date16 Mar 2000
Filing date28 Aug 1995
Priority date1 Sep 1994
Also published asCA2198912A1, CN1156987A, DE69515042T2, EP0775086A1, EP0775086A4, EP0775086B1, EP0947699A1, US5697527, US5785510, WO1996006798A1
Publication number1995615042, 95615042, DE 69515042 D1, DE 69515042D1, DE-D1-69515042, DE1995615042, DE69515042 D1, DE69515042D1, DE95615042
InventorsAltieri, Jr, John Lewis Fortin, Richard David Bothmann, Jean Liakus, Philip Digangi, E Dietrich
ApplicantFluid Management Inc
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Modulare abgabevorrichtung für mehrere flüssigkeiten Modular duty device for several fluids translated from German
DE 69515042 D1
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International ClassificationF04C2/08, B01F13/10, B67D7/78, B67D7/02, B67D99/00, B67D7/62
Cooperative ClassificationB67D7/02, B01F13/1055, B67D7/62, F05C2251/10, B67D7/78, F04C2/082
European ClassificationB01F13/10G, F04C2/08B, B67D7/02, B67D7/62, B67D7/78
Legal Events
1 Mar 20018364No opposition during term of opposition
26 Sep 20028339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee