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Publication numberDE69430231 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994630231
Publication date2 May 2002
Filing date4 Nov 1994
Priority date4 Nov 1993
Also published asDE69430231T2, EP0652436A2, EP0652436A3, EP0652436B1, US5571395
Publication number1994630231, 94630231, DE 69430231 D1, DE 69430231D1, DE-D1-69430231, DE1994630231, DE69430231 D1, DE69430231D1, DE94630231
InventorsJe Kyun Park, Hee Jin Lee
ApplicantLg Electronics Inc
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Biosensor zum Messen der Alkoholkonzentration, Verfahren zur Herstellung des Biosensors, und den Biosensor benutzendes Betrunkenheitsmessgerät A biosensor for measuring alcohol concentration, method of manufacturing the biosensor, and the biosensor measuring device-use drunkenness translated from German
DE 69430231 D1
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International ClassificationC12Q1/32, G01N33/497, C12Q1/00, G01N27/327, G01N27/416
Cooperative ClassificationG01N33/4972, Y10S435/817, C12Q1/005
European ClassificationG01N33/497A, C12Q1/00B6
Legal Events
24 Apr 20038364No opposition during term of opposition
23 Sep 20048339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee