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Publication numberDE69419433 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994619433
Publication date25 Nov 1999
Filing date30 Aug 1994
Priority date22 Nov 1993
Also published asCA2177133C, CA2177134A1, CN1077151C, CN1141656A, DE69419433D1, EP0730675A1, EP0730675B1, EP0730676A1, US5411641, US5580437, USRE37042, WO1995014796A1, WO1995014797A1
Publication number1994619433, 94619433, DE 69419433 T2, DE 69419433T2, DE-T2-69419433, DE1994619433, DE69419433 T2, DE69419433T2, DE94619433
InventorsJames A Trainham, Clarence Garlan Law, John Scott Newman, Kenneth Bernard Keating, Douglas John Eames
ApplicantDu Pont
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Elektrochemische umwandlung von wasserfreien wasserstoffhaliden zu halogengas unter zuhilfenahme von kationtransportmembranen To halogen gas wasserstoffhaliden electrochemical conversion of anhydrous aid of cation transport membranes translated from German
DE 69419433 T2
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International ClassificationC25B9/04, C25B1/24, H01M8/02, B01D61/44, C25B1/16, C25B1/22, C25B15/08, C25B11/04, C25B1/02, H01M4/92, H01M4/90, H01M8/24, C25B1/26, C25B9/00, C25B9/10
Cooperative ClassificationH01M4/9083, C25B15/08, H01M8/0213, C25B1/22, H01M8/0206, H01M8/0228, H01M4/92, C25B9/04, C25B1/16, C25B1/26, B01D61/44, H01M8/0208, H01M2300/0082, C25B9/10, C25B1/24, H01M8/247, Y02P70/56
European ClassificationC25B1/26, C25B9/10, H01M8/24D2, C25B9/04, C25B1/24, B01D61/44, C25B1/16, H01M4/92, H01M8/02C2C, H01M8/02C2A, H01M4/90S2, C25B1/22, C25B15/08