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Publication numberDE69333829 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993633829
Publication date14 Jul 2005
Filing date19 Nov 1993
Priority date20 Nov 1992
Also published asDE69319854D1, DE69319854T2, DE69333829T2, EP0599224A1, EP0599224B1, EP0599224B2, EP0844675A2, EP0844675A3, EP0844675B1, US5578839, US5734182, US5747832, US5880486, US6078063, US6215133, US6469323, US6791103, US20030006424, US20030216011
Publication number1993633829, 93633829, DE 69333829 D1, DE 69333829D1, DE-D1-69333829, DE1993633829, DE69333829 D1, DE69333829D1, DE93633829
InventorsShuji Nakamura, Takashi Mukai, Naruhito Iwasa
ApplicantNichia Corp
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Lichtemittierende Vorrichtung auf Basis einer Galliumnitrid-Halbleiterverbindung The light emitting device based on a gallium nitride compound semiconductor translated from German
DE 69333829 D1
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International ClassificationH01S5/323, H01L21/20, H01L33/00, H01L33/02, H01L33/32
Cooperative ClassificationH01L33/32, H01L33/0025, H01L33/325, H01L33/025, H01S5/32341
European ClassificationH01S5/323B4, H01L33/00D3B, H01L33/32, H01L33/32C, H01L33/02C
Legal Events
6 Jul 20068364No opposition during term of opposition