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Publication numberDE69326739 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993626739
Publication date18 Nov 1999
Filing date5 Nov 1993
Priority date6 Nov 1992
Also published asCN1054683C, CN1090924A, DE69326739T2, EP0596520A1, EP0596520B1, US5267406
Publication number1993626739, 93626739, DE 69326739 D1, DE 69326739D1, DE-D1-69326739, DE1993626739, DE69326739 D1, DE69326739D1, DE93626739
InventorsWilliam B Ruger, James Mcgarry
ApplicantSturm Ruger & Co
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Automatischer Auswerfer auf dem Rahmen einer Pistole angeordnet und mit den Hammerzapfen gekoppelt Automatic unloading arranged on the frame of a pistol and coupled with the hammer pin translated from German
DE 69326739 D1
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International ClassificationF41A15/14
Cooperative ClassificationF41A15/14
European ClassificationF41A15/14
Legal Events
2 Nov 20008364No opposition during term of opposition
23 Sep 20048339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee