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Publication numberDE69315776 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993615776
Publication date29 Jan 1998
Filing date7 Sep 1993
Priority date11 Sep 1992
Also published asDE69315776T2, EP0587249A1, EP0587249B1, US5355138
Publication number1993615776, 93615776, DE 69315776 D1, DE 69315776D1, DE-D1-69315776, DE1993615776, DE69315776 D1, DE69315776D1, DE93615776
InventorsJean-Pierre Cances, Gerard Maral, Bernard Coulomb, Regis Lenormand
ApplicantFrance Telecom
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Rekonfigurationsverfahren des Bestrahlungsfeldes einer Antenne in einem Satellitennetz Reconfiguration of the radiation field of an antenna in a satellite network translated from German
DE 69315776 D1
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International ClassificationH04B7/204, H04B7/15
Cooperative ClassificationH04B7/2041
European ClassificationH04B7/204B
Legal Events
21 Jan 19998364No opposition during term of opposition
31 Jan 2012R082Change of representative
Country of ref document: EP
Ref document number: 587249
Representative=s name: JOCHEN MUELLER, 55411 BINGEN, DE