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Publication numberDE69128742 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991628742
Publication date30 Apr 1998
Filing date8 May 1991
Priority date9 May 1990
Also published asCA2042012A1, CA2042012C, DE69128742D1, EP0457477A1, EP0457477B1, US5108378, US5312365, US5616134
Publication number1991628742, 91628742, DE 69128742 T2, DE 69128742T2, DE-T2-69128742, DE1991628742, DE69128742 T2, DE69128742T2, DE91628742
InventorsJohn Firth, Anthony Perez, Ronald Meyer
ApplicantSafety Syrings Inc
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Sicherheitswegwerfspritze Safety disposable syringe translated from German
DE 69128742 T2
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International ClassificationA61M5/32, A61M5/31, A61M5/20, A61M5/24
Cooperative ClassificationA61M2005/3139, A61M5/3243, A61M5/24, A61M2205/581, A61M2205/582, A61M2205/583, A61M5/3271
European ClassificationA61M5/32C2H