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Publication numberDE69024386 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990624386
Publication date8 Feb 1996
Filing date14 Mar 1990
Priority date15 Mar 1989
Also published asCA2012120A1, CA2012120C, DE69024386T2, EP0388163A2, EP0388163A3, EP0388163B1, US5157672
Publication number1990624386, 90624386, DE 69024386 D1, DE 69024386D1, DE-D1-69024386, DE1990624386, DE69024386 D1, DE69024386D1, DE90624386
InventorsSeiji Kondou, Yoshihisa Isoda, Hiroyasu Muto
ApplicantNec Corp
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Vorrichtung zur Interferenzdetektion in einem digitalen beweglichen Kommunikationssystem Apparatus for interference detection in a digital mobile communication system translated from German
DE 69024386 D1
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International ClassificationH04L1/20, H04L1/00
Cooperative ClassificationH04L1/0047, H04L1/206, H04L1/0054
European ClassificationH04L1/00B5L, H04L1/20M, H04L1/00B5E
Legal Events
30 Jan 19978364No opposition during term of opposition