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Publication numberDE69017275 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990617275
Publication date6 Jul 1995
Filing date15 Jun 1990
Priority date16 Jun 1989
Also published asCA2018893A1, CA2018893C, DE69017275D1, EP0403296A1, EP0403296B1, US5014211
Publication number1990617275, 90617275, DE 69017275 T2, DE 69017275T2, DE-T2-69017275, DE1990617275, DE69017275 T2, DE69017275T2, DE90617275
InventorsJames R Turner, Stephen G Hosking, James W Livingstone
ApplicantDiversey Corp
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Einrichtung und Verfahren zum mikrocomputergesteuerten Fördern von flüssigen Wirkstoffen. Device and method for micro computerized pumping liquid substances. translated from German
DE 69017275 T2
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
EP3115498A1 *17 Jun 201611 Jan 2017Michael SaierMetering device for metering and supply of media and method
International ClassificationD06F39/02, B01F15/04
Cooperative ClassificationB01F15/0416, B01F2215/0077, Y10T137/4857, B01F2003/0896, D06F39/022
European ClassificationD06F39/02B, B01F15/04G2