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Publication numberDE69003791 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990603791
Publication date11 Nov 1993
Filing date29 Nov 1990
Priority date1 Dec 1989
Also published asCA2030405A1, CA2030405C, DE69003791T2, EP0430227A2, EP0430227A3, EP0430227B1, US5141811
Publication number1990603791, 90603791, DE 69003791 D1, DE 69003791D1, DE-D1-69003791, DE1990603791, DE69003791 D1, DE69003791D1, DE90603791
InventorsKenji Kawakami, Hiroyuki Nagai, Masakazu Fujita
ApplicantTeijin Ltd
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Elastisches, synthetisches Filament mit multilobalem Querschnitt. Elastic synthetic filament multilobalem section. translated from German
DE 69003791 D1
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International ClassificationD01F6/60, D01F6/80, D01D5/253, D01F6/62, D01F6/86, D01F6/70
Cooperative ClassificationY10T428/2973, Y10T428/2929, D01F6/80, D01F6/86, D01D5/253, D01F6/70, Y10T428/2931, Y10T428/2913
European ClassificationD01F6/80, D01D5/253, D01F6/70, D01F6/86
Legal Events
3 Nov 19948364No opposition during term of opposition