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Publication numberDE68928360 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1989628360
Publication date7 May 1998
Filing date8 Dec 1989
Priority date9 Dec 1988
Also published asCA2003337A1, CA2003342A1, DE68928360D1, EP0372578A2, EP0372578A3, EP0372579A2, EP0372579A3, EP0372579B1, EP0447577A1, EP0447578A1, EP0681239A2, EP0681239A3, US4965717, US4965717, US5146589, US5193175, US5276823, US5388242, US5588111, US5758113
Publication number1989628360, 89628360, DE 68928360 T2, DE 68928360T2, DE-T2-68928360, DE1989628360, DE68928360 T2, DE68928360T2, DE89628360
InventorsRichard W Cutts, Randall G Banton, Douglas E Jewett, Peter C Norwood, Kenneth C Debacker, Nikhil A Mehta, John David Allison, Robert W Horst
ApplicantTandem Computers Inc
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Hochleistungsrechnersystem mit fehlertoleranter Fähigkeit; High-performance computer system with fault-tolerant capability; Verfahren zum Betrieb desselben The same method of operation translated from German
DE 68928360 T2
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International ClassificationG06F12/02, G06F11/18, G06F15/17, G11C29/00, G06F11/00, G06F15/16, G06F11/14, G06F11/10, G06F11/20, G06F11/16
Cooperative ClassificationG06F11/1666, G06F11/1679, G06F11/0757, G06F9/3824, G06F9/3851, G06F2201/85, G06F11/1658, G06F9/3885, G06F11/1691, G06F11/2015, G06F9/3863, G06F11/20, G11C29/74, G06F11/1683, G06F11/185, G06F11/181, G06F11/0724, G06F11/1641, G06F11/2017, G06F11/18, G06F11/184, G06F11/1405, G06F11/1008, G06F11/1415, G06F11/1687, G06F11/182
European ClassificationG06F11/18, G06F11/16T8, G06F11/16T4, G06F11/16T6, G06F11/16D, G06F11/18N2, G06F11/18N2R, G06F11/16M, G06F11/16C6, G06F11/20M, G06F9/38E4, G06F9/38T, G06F9/38H2, G06F9/38D