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Publication numberDE60323830 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003623830
Publication date13 Nov 2008
Filing date22 May 2003
Priority date24 May 2002
Also published asCA2486800A1, CA2486800C, CN1653847A, CN1653847B, EP1508259A2, EP1508259B1, US7808924, US7821969, US20030218986, US20080159172, WO2003101144A2, WO2003101144A3
Publication number03623830, 2003623830, DE 60323830 D1, DE 60323830D1, DE-D1-60323830, DE03623830, DE2003623830, DE60323830 D1, DE60323830D1
InventorsClaudio Desanti, Benedetto Marco Di
ApplicantCisco Tech Inc
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Verfahren und vorrichtung zum verhindern von durch reconfigure fabric (rcf) messages verursachten unterbrechungen der fibre-channel-koppelnetze caused method and apparatus to prevent from through reconfigure fabric (RCF) messages interruptions of fiber-channel-coupled networks translated from German
DE 60323830 D1
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International ClassificationG06F3/06, H04Q11/00, G06F13/10
Cooperative ClassificationH04Q11/0005, H04Q2011/0039
European ClassificationH04Q11/00P2
Legal Events
22 Oct 20098364No opposition during term of opposition