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Publication numberDE60316260 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003616260
Publication date25 Oct 2007
Filing date11 Feb 2003
Priority date28 Feb 2002
Also published asCN1639893A, CN100407483C, DE60316260T2, EP1481434A2, EP1481434B1, US7566350, US7744659, US7749288, US20030162099, US20070000121, US20090265920, US20090265921, WO2003075373A2, WO2003075373A3
Publication number03616260, 2003616260, DE 60316260 D1, DE 60316260D1, DE-D1-60316260, DE03616260, DE2003616260, DE60316260 D1, DE60316260D1
InventorsWilliam L Bowden, Nikolai N Issaev, Michael Pozin
ApplicantGillette Co
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Nichtwässrige elektrochemische zelle A non-aqueous electrochemical cell translated from German
DE 60316260 D1
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International ClassificationH01M6/16, H01M10/36, H01M10/0568, H01M10/0569, H01M10/052
Cooperative ClassificationH01M6/164, H01M10/0568, H01M10/052, H01M10/0569, H01M6/166, Y10T29/49108, H01M2300/0037
European ClassificationH01M6/16E1, H01M6/16E3, H01M10/052, H01M10/0569, H01M10/0568
Legal Events
2 Oct 20088364No opposition during term of opposition