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Publication numberDE60300191 T8
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003600191
Publication date27 Apr 2006
Filing date13 Jun 2003
Priority date17 Jun 2002
Also published asCN1469670A, CN100507930C, DE60300191D1, DE60300191T2, EP1376304A2, EP1376304A3, EP1376304B1, US7346337, US20040029536
Publication number03600191, 2003600191, DE 60300191 T8, DE 60300191T8, DE-T8-60300191, DE03600191, DE2003600191, DE60300191 T8, DE60300191T8
InventorsKazuya Chiyoda-ku Anzawa, Makoto Chiyoda-ku Hamatsu, Riko Chiyoda-ku Nagai
ApplicantNtt Docomo Inc.
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Kommunikationsterminal zur Beschränken der Verwendung von Inhalten Communication Terminal for restricting the use of contents translated from German
DE 60300191 T8
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International ClassificationG06F1/00, G06Q50/00, G06Q50/10, G06F21/00, G06F21/10, G06Q10/00, G06Q30/06, G06F21/62
Cooperative ClassificationG06F21/10, G06F21/725
European ClassificationG06F21/10, G06F21/72A