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Publication numberDE60220367 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2002620367
Publication date12 Jul 2007
Filing date18 Nov 2002
Priority date29 Dec 2001
Also published asDE60220367T2, EP1324291A2, EP1324291A3, EP1324291B1, US6816778, US20040204820
Publication number02620367, 2002620367, DE 60220367 D1, DE 60220367D1, DE-D1-60220367, DE02620367, DE2002620367, DE60220367 D1, DE60220367D1
InventorsMelvin Diaz
ApplicantAlpine Electronics Inc
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Vorrichtung zum Finden von Veranstaltungen und Ereignissen sowie Navigationssystem und Anzeigeverfahren Device for finding events and happenings as well as navigation and display methods translated from German
DE 60220367 D1
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International ClassificationG01C21/26, G08G1/0968, G08G1/0969, G06F17/30, G01C21/00, G08G1/0962
Cooperative ClassificationG08G1/0962, G01C21/26
European ClassificationG01C21/26, G08G1/0962
Legal Events
19 Jun 20088364No opposition during term of opposition
16 Sep 20108339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee