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Publication numberDE60212167 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2002612167
Publication date20 Jul 2006
Filing date9 Apr 2002
Priority date24 Oct 2001
Also published asCN1325350C, CN1592708A, DE60212167T2, EP1440026A2, EP1440026B1, US7047852, US20030075029, WO2003035526A2, WO2003035526A3
Publication number02612167, 2002612167, DE 60212167 D1, DE 60212167D1, DE-D1-60212167, DE02612167, DE2002612167, DE60212167 D1, DE60212167D1
InventorsAllan Franklin, Dee Schilpp, N Duehring
ApplicantKimberly Clark Co
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Verfahren zur zuführungsregelung eines elastischen materials A method for supplying-regulation of an elastic material translated from German
DE 60212167 D1
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International ClassificationB26D7/14, A61F13/49, B65H23/188, B26D5/32, A61F13/15, A61F13/56, B65H26/06
Cooperative ClassificationY10T83/474, Y10T83/536, Y10T83/0424, Y10T83/0538, Y10T83/178, Y10T83/148, Y10T83/159, Y10T83/543, Y10T83/4664, Y10T83/4691, Y10T83/0419, Y10S83/937, A61F13/15593, B65H2557/262, B26D5/32, B65H23/1882, B65H2301/3112, B65H2513/104, B26D7/14, A61F13/15772, B65H2511/22, B65H2515/31, B65H2511/512
European ClassificationA61F13/15M9, A61F13/15M2B, B26D5/32, B26D7/14, B65H23/188A
Legal Events
28 Jun 20078364No opposition during term of opposition
17 Mar 20118328Change in the person/name/address of the agent
Representative=s name: ZIMMERMANN & PARTNER, 80331 MUENCHEN