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Publication numberDE60210034 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2002610034
Publication date11 May 2006
Filing date23 Dec 2002
Priority date26 Dec 2001
Also published asDE60210034T2, EP1324538A1, EP1324538B1, US7206287, US7596093, US20030117961, US20070180331
Publication number02610034, 2002610034, DE 60210034 D1, DE 60210034D1, DE-D1-60210034, DE02610034, DE2002610034, DE60210034 D1, DE60210034D1
InventorsJohn Tiong-Heng Chuah, Joseph Moffette
ApplicantAlcatel Canada Inc
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Verfahren und System zur Fehlerortung in einem Kommunikationsgerät Method and system for fault location in a communications device translated from German
DE 60210034 D1
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International ClassificationH04L12/24, H04L12/26
Cooperative ClassificationH04L41/0677, H04L43/50
European ClassificationH04L12/24D2, H04L12/26T, H04L43/50, H04L41/06D
Legal Events
16 May 20078364No opposition during term of opposition
18 Oct 20078339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee