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Publication numberDE602004032465 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460032465
Publication date9 Jun 2011
Filing date2 Dec 2004
Priority date2 Dec 2003
Also published asCA2546894A1, CA2546894C, CN1894221A, CN1894221B, EP1689723A1, EP1689723B1, US7244844, US7692008, US7692009, US7692010, US7741482, US8487097, US20050187234, US20070244321, US20070249830, US20070249831, US20070255059, US20090188305, WO2005056534A1
Publication number0460032465, 200460032465, DE 2004/60032465 D1, DE 602004032465 D1, DE 602004032465D1, DE-D1-602004032465, DE0460032465, DE2004/60032465D1, DE200460032465, DE602004032465 D1, DE602004032465D1
InventorsNina Finkelstein
ApplicantTeva Pharma
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Referenzstandard zur charakterisierung von rosuvastatin Reference standard for the characterization of rosuvastatin translated from German
DE 602004032465 D1
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International ClassificationA61K31/519, C07D239/70
Cooperative ClassificationC07D239/70
European ClassificationC07D239/70