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Publication numberDE602004027355 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460027355
Publication date8 Jul 2010
Filing date10 Mar 2004
Priority date11 Mar 2003
Also published asCA2538439A1, CA2538439C, CN1777735A, CN1777735B, EP1604094A2, EP1604094B1, US7055602, US7137447, US7229950, US7262153, US7612022, US20040177958, US20060027363, US20060185845, US20060189486, US20070079964, WO2004081342A2, WO2004081342A3
Publication number0460027355, 200460027355, DE 2004/60027355 D1, DE 602004027355 D1, DE 602004027355D1, DE-D1-602004027355, DE0460027355, DE2004/60027355D1, DE200460027355, DE602004027355 D1, DE602004027355D1
InventorsPaul Gregory Shpakoff, Kirk Herbert Raney
ApplicantShell Int Research
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Methode und zusammensetzung für sekundärölforderung Method and composition for secondary oil requirement translated from German
DE 602004027355 D1
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International ClassificationC09K8/584
Cooperative ClassificationC09K8/584
European ClassificationC09K8/584
Legal Events
12 May 20118363Opposition against the patent