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Publication numberDE602004023417 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460023417
Publication date12 Nov 2009
Filing date7 Dec 2004
Priority date8 Dec 2003
Also published asCA2546895A1, CN1890226A, CN100545151C, EP1692117A1, EP1692117B1, EP2157085A1, EP2157085B1, US7176225, US7365087, US20050153944, US20080064667, US20080177080, WO2005056538A1
Publication number0460023417, 200460023417, DE 2004/60023417 D1, DE 602004023417 D1, DE 602004023417D1, DE-D1-602004023417, DE0460023417, DE2004/60023417D1, DE200460023417, DE602004023417 D1, DE602004023417D1
InventorsPhaik-Eng Sum, David Brian How, Darrin William Hopper, Matthew Douglas Vera, Joshua James Sabatini
ApplicantWyeth Corp
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Oxazolderivate von tetracyclinen Oxazole derivatives of tetracyclines translated from German
DE 602004023417 D1
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International ClassificationC07D263/52, C07D417/04, C07D413/04, A61P31/04, A61K31/423, C07C237/26, C07D413/06, A61K31/65
Cooperative ClassificationC07D417/04, C07D413/06, C07D413/04, C07D263/52, C07C237/26, A61K31/65, C07C2603/46
European ClassificationA61K31/65, C07C237/26, C07D413/04, C07D263/52, C07D413/06, C07D417/04
Legal Events
21 Oct 20108364No opposition during term of opposition