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Publication numberDE602004013558 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460013558
Publication date19 Jun 2008
Filing date3 Mar 2004
Priority date3 Mar 2003
Also published asCA2517741A1, CA2517741C, CA2518013A1, CA2518013C, CN1780652A, CN100443128C, DE202004021390U1, DE202004021469U1, DE202004021470U1, DE602004016298D1, DE602004019351D1, DE602004031309D1, EP1603610A1, EP1603610B1, EP1603611A1, EP1603611B1, EP1920794A1, EP1920794B1, EP1974761A2, EP1974761A3, EP1974761B1, EP2011531A2, EP2011531A3, EP2011531B1, EP2263721A2, EP2263721A3, EP2263721B1, EP2263722A2, EP2263722A3, EP2263722B1, EP2263723A2, EP2263723A3, EP2263723B1, EP2263724A2, EP2263724A3, EP2263724B1, EP2266648A2, EP2266648A3, EP2266648B1, EP2281592A2, EP2281592A3, EP2281592B1, EP2283886A2, EP2283886A3, EP2283886B1, US7850662, US7918833, US7935088, US8512297, US8556864, US8603044, US8679069, US8992486, US9011391, US9028454, US9233211, US9408979, US9526844, US9533105, US9561331, US9604008, US9604009, US9610409, US9623189, US9623190, US9775954, US20040267208, US20050033244, US20060264839, US20070093761, US20090198193, US20110152784, US20110178474, US20110276009, US20120089100, US20130267906, US20130274680, US20130304024, US20140316344, US20140316345, US20140316346, US20140316347, US20140316348, US20140316349, US20140316374, US20150174334, US20160074590, US20160256633, US20160296708, US20160303329, WO2004078239A1, WO2004078241A1
Publication number0460013558, 200460013558, DE 2004/60013558 D1, DE 602004013558 D1, DE 602004013558D1, DE-D1-602004013558, DE0460013558, DE2004/60013558D1, DE200460013558, DE602004013558 D1, DE602004013558D1
InventorsRobert Frederick Veasey, Robert Perkins, David Aubey Plumptre
ApplicantSanofi Aventis Deutschland
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Antriebsmechanismus für eine medikamentenabgabevorrichtung Drive mechanism for a drug delivery device translated from German
DE 602004013558 D1
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Legal Events
30 Apr 20098363Opposition against the patent