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Publication numberDE602004011088 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460011088
Publication date14 Feb 2008
Filing date26 Mar 2004
Priority date1 Oct 2003
Also published asCA2540919A1, CN1898133A, DE602004011088T2, EP1670688A1, EP1670688B1, US7546932, US8152018, US20050061821, US20050173287, WO2005042356A1
Publication number0460011088, 200460011088, DE 2004/60011088 D1, DE 602004011088 D1, DE 602004011088D1, DE-D1-602004011088, DE0460011088, DE2004/60011088D1, DE200460011088, DE602004011088 D1, DE602004011088D1
InventorsStephen Alan Smith, Kevin Ray Smith, Warren Giles Wiedmeyer, Kimberly Vaile Healy, Randy Golden, Rudy Deschamps, Irshad Khan, Bryce G Rutter, Brian C Bone, John H Loudenslager, Jan Rolf Stillerman
ApplicantSolo Cup Operating Corp
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Ergonomischer wegwerf-becher mit verbesserter formfestigkeit Ergonomic disposable cup-shape with improved strength translated from German
DE 602004011088 D1
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International ClassificationB65D8/04, B65D1/46, B65D1/22, B65D8/12, B65D1/44, B65D1/26, B65D1/40
Cooperative ClassificationB65D1/265, B65D1/46
European ClassificationB65D1/46, B65D1/26B
Legal Events
5 Feb 20098364No opposition during term of opposition