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Publication numberDE602004002393 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460002393
Publication date26 Oct 2006
Filing date22 Mar 2004
Priority date25 Mar 2003
Also published asCN1698072A, DE602004002393T2, EP1611550A1, EP1611550B1, US6982724, US20040189662, WO2004086307A1
Publication number0460002393, 200460002393, DE 2004/60002393 D1, DE 602004002393 D1, DE 602004002393D1, DE-D1-602004002393, DE0460002393, DE2004/60002393D1, DE200460002393, DE602004002393 D1, DE602004002393D1
InventorsF Frisken, N Perry
ApplicantMitsubishi Electric Corp
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Antialiasing-verfahren und -vorrichtung zur darstellung einer region eines zweidimensionalen distanzfeldes, das ein objekt darstellt Anti-aliasing method and apparatus for displaying a region of a two-dimensional distance field representing an object translated from German
DE 602004002393 D1
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International ClassificationG06T11/00, G06F17/21, G06T15/50, G09G5/24, G06T11/20, G06T15/60, G09G5/02, G09G5/00, G09G5/28
Cooperative ClassificationG06T11/001, G06T11/203, G09G5/28
European ClassificationG06T11/00C, G09G5/28, G06T11/20L
Legal Events
18 Oct 20078364No opposition during term of opposition
2 Sep 20108320Willingness to grant licenses declared (paragraph 23)