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Publication numberDE60143873 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2001643873
Publication date3 Mar 2011
Filing date7 Mar 2001
Priority date7 Mar 2000
Also published asCA2373904A1, CA2373904C, CN1197192C, CN1290208C, CN1372706A, CN1591931A, EP1191622A1, EP1191622A4, EP1191622B1, US6818352, US20030003363, US20050079406, WO2001067536A1
Publication number01643873, 2001643873, DE 60143873 D1, DE 60143873D1, DE-D1-60143873, DE01643873, DE2001643873, DE60143873 D1, DE60143873D1
InventorsTakahiro Daido, Satoshi Igarashi, Satoshi Nishikawa, Hiroyuki Honmoto, Hiroyoshi Minematsu
ApplicantTeijin Ltd
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Lithiumionen-sekundärzelle, separator, zellenpack und ladeverfahren Lithium ion secondary cell, separator, cell pack and loading procedures translated from German
DE 60143873 D1
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International ClassificationH01M2/02, H01M6/50, H01M2/14, H01M2/16, H01M10/44, H01M10/052, H01M10/42, H01M10/36, H01M10/0525, H01M10/0565, H01M10/05
Cooperative ClassificationH01M10/44, H01M10/0525, H01M10/4235, H01M2/1666, H01M2/1686, H01M2/14, H01M2/145, H01M10/448, H01M2200/10, H01M2010/4292, H01M10/0565, H01M2/022, H01M2/162
European ClassificationH01M10/0565, H01M10/0525, H01M10/44, H01M2/16D, H01M10/42M, H01M2/16B3, H01M2/14, H01M2/14M, H01M2/16L